Gchat: Accounting for MoMo’s men

Posted by Princess MoMo on Apr 19 in gchat

Janet: ooh is this a new boy?

2:54 PM me: yes

a new one

Janet: :)

the one from your fb post?

w/ the excellent response?

me: what posts?


this one is from real life

Janet: :) nice

me: umm well, no

there are some complications

Janet: :( what?

me: i.e. coworker

2:55 PM Janet: interesting

me: if by interesting you mean totally wrong, then yes

Janet: well complicated is definitely right

2:56 PM me: add to the complications that it appears as though tim is crushing on me

so this is super secret business

Janet: oh wow


super secret

me: i was interrogated by tim at lunch today

about a “mystery man”

and i’m “withholding information”

there’s a man “unaccounted for”

2:57 PM craziness

Janet: hahahahahahaha


like he’s keeping tabs

that’s funny

it’s like war

me: he’s become the accountant of my sex life…luckily there aren’t many #s for him to crunch…recession


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