How Princess MoMo and Red-Headed Blog Wizard Shifty Met

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While Princess MoMo is the content master of this blog, the technical wizardry is handled by computer guru Shifty.  You may be wondering how these two individuals met.  It is also possible that you’re not at all wondering that.  Irrespective of your wondering status, here is the tale of how a beautiful union between prolific MoMo and tech-savvy Shifty came into being.

Likely not surprising at this point, MoMo and Shifty met on a dating website.  Below are some of the messages exchanged:

Shifty: Hi! I really enjoyed your economic analysis of dating, and proposed “business merger.” You wouldn’t happen to be a U of Chicago law grad would you?

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciated the witty approach you took to the whole online dating experience. You are, without doubt, drop-dead gorgeous as well. Knowing the numbers game from the male point of view on a dating site, I don’t expect I’ll hear from you, but have to write in hopes of finding one or two from whom I will hear back. Knowing that is the case, I make the primary goal of such communications to genuinely compliment with no flattery nor expections. I guess I could consider a more aggressive corporate acquisition strategy, but my enterprise is self-sufficient and utterly complete in itself. I am only interested in merger with multiplicative (I dislike using the word synergistic even through it is the correct word) benefits accruing to the entering parties. I assume you agree with this last, yes?

If you are wondering, I live near Baltimore, MD; but am frequently at my company’s NJ office.

Best of luck as you work though the numbers. It’s always nice when the soughtafter is discovered early in the search space. :)

Princess MoMo:  Nicely composed message. I’m not a U of Chicago grad. I graduated from Rutgers and GW. Notably, I was not an economics major or minor.

Anyway, I’m not sure how I feel about the Baltimore and ginger kid aspects…

Shifty: Ah, very nice. I almost went to GW law, great school. What area of law do you practice? It’s not M&A is it?

For what it’s worth, I’m not really a full ginger kid; only a half ginger like Kyle if you know the Southpark episode to which I’m referring. As an example, my hair bleaches blonde in the summer. That said, I am not attempting to try to convince you of attraction. You seem to know quite well what you find attractive, and I’m okay if I do not fit that mold. As I said previously, I made use of the numbers game to simply share the complimentary aspects I observed with you. I like to be explicit about such things since they can so easily be taken for granted as known my the other party.

I do sincerely appreciate your courtesy in replying. The sad aspect of the online dating numbers game is that even such small courtesy is often overlooked.

If you’re intertested in continuing to write back and forth, I would enjoy making the acquaintance of another intelligent; blunt; and, if I am not mistaken, wickedly sarcastic individual like yourself. ;)

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  1. What do you have against gingers? We have souls too, you know.

  2. That’s not what Cartman said.

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