Gchats: Apparently Colorado has the best man inventory

Posted by Princess MoMo on Jul 12 in Dating, gchat, Men, Princess MoMo's Friends


MoMo: how are the men?

 Jen:  men?



 MoMo: haha tell me about it…

 Jen:  I managed to hook up with my friend’s brother, the best man at his wedding

which was just great

I’m such a cliche


He was really my ideal kind of guy

and we emailed for a few weeks

but he lives in Utah

 MoMo: sigh…

 Jen:  so that may not really work out

I have no luck

 MoMo: what does he do for a living?

 Jen:  He’s getting a second masters and does outdoor adventuring

he’s like a granola type

I love that type

but they are not relationship material

if nothing else, I had a very nice night with a nice guy and he sends me music


 MoMo: describe this granola type you speak of

health nuts?

 Jen:  like

he goes camping alone in the mountains of Colorado

 MoMo: and eats granola bars there?

 Jen:  you know

the hippie type

 MoMo: gotcha

 Jen:  how about you?

I see your blog


pretty hilarious

 MoMo: thank you

so i don’t even need to detail my struggles to you

 Jen:  it sucks out there man

I’m telling you

the nice men

live on the west coast

every guy I ever meet who is not trying for a random hookup, etc.

lives in a diff. time zone

 MoMo: i had a conversation with someone about this last night

he was shocked that i couldn’t meet a guy up to my standards

 Jen:  none of us can

the funny thing is

men can’t keep up

 MoMo: he was under the impression that they are so plentiful

he said it was possibly a regional thing

he lives in TN

but i really can’t imagine TN having fantastic men either

 Jen:  It’s entirely regional

 MoMo: i’m done dating as of last thursday

i gave it a good faith effort

now i’m bowing out of the game

 Jen:  when you live near a body of water

 Jen:  I hear you

I stopped dating forever

I hadn’t even talked to a guy since Adam!

until this wedding

so it was almost a year

 MoMo: what about a body of water?

 Jen:  llike


Miami LA

every man is looking for some temporary fix

or an ego boost

or a rebound to get over a girl

They say Colorado is the best place to meet men

b/c they’re nice

and aren’t dbags

and have jobs

 MoMo: maybe the salt from the water seeps into their brains

 Jen:  haha


The issue is so many women date losers b/c they’re afraid of being alone

I’d rather just be alone!

 MoMo: same here

hold on, i have an article i want to send you

let me see if i can dig it up

 Jen:  k

 MoMo: http://www.slate.com/id/2286240/


 Jen:  Um, that was the best article!

I’ve been saying this shit forever

man shortage

and women settle a lot

and we have sex b/c shit, when are we going to again

which sucks

 MoMo: i thought you’d enjoy that article

 Jen:  It’s really annoying

I’m telling you

I’m moving to Denver


 MoMo: and i’ll move to south park

 Jen:  hahaha

 MoMo: cartman and i will hang out

 Jen:  hahaha

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