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Posted by Princess MoMo on Sep 29 in Men, Online dating

Princess MoMo: Do you really hug homeless people?

Hugger of the Homeless: Yes, I really hug homeless people. Everyone could use a love-filled embrace, especially those people who are often gazed upon with some of the most wretched looks people can evoke. One just never knows how much a kind word or a smile can impact someone’s day, so why not share???

Princess MoMo: But what if they have lice or TB?

Hugger of the Homeless: Collateral Damage :)

I do my best not to allow fear to cloud my decision making. If I’m going to be afraid of a person for how they look or smell, I’m far worse off than if I get lice or TB…

Princess MoMo: I disagree. Our senses are meant to protect us from harm. For instance, the aversion to foul smell is rooted in the fact that putrid odors emanate from disease infested or rotten things which may make us ill. So, you’re an anti-survivalist!

Hugger of the Homeless: Thanks for noticing, the sooner I can get off this rock, the better :) Maybe I should take a dip in the sewer and gargle some toxic waste.. what do you think?

Princess MoMo: I will let you know my thoughts on you sewer swim/toxic taste test after we meet. :)

Hugger of the Homeless: Only if you’ll hug the cleanest person you see :)

Princess MoMo: Deal. I hope you will be super santized for our encounter, which means no hugging of the homeless before or during.

Hugger of the Homeless: I can’t make any promises… wherever “the spirit” moves… Just Kidding :)

Princess MoMo: Hopefully the spirit will move into the shower.

Hugger of the Homeless: I live by the belief that cleanliness is next to godliness, at least involving my own hygiene, not to discriminate on who I touch though, as I know that I’ll be covered in Dove at some point soon enough :)

Princess MoMo: Dove doesn’t kill lice or cure TB though!

Hugger of the Homeless: Damn good thing I don’t have either of those then, maybe I should start bathing in gasoline… :)

Princess MoMo: Sounds risky…fire hazard and all.

Hugger of the Homeless: Good point, could be anough ammo to keep me from smoking though… :)

Any other suggestions?

Hugger of the Homeless: hahaha… enough. Sorry, I know you have a thing for grammar and spelling :)

Princess MoMo: How about this:

Princess MoMo: Awww, thanks for considering my feelings. :)

Hugger of the Homeless: Yes, but does it come in cucumber melon scent?

Hugger of the Homeless: Bad grammar hurts your feelings? I would have thought it infuriated your intellect…

Princess MoMo: I try as much as humanly possible to unite my feelings/intellect. Sometimes it fails, particularly preceding that special monthly female time.

Hugger of the Homeless: That’s foreign to me (not the special female monthly time, though that is completely alien to me as well), I’ve never met anyone who attempted to fuse those two parts of their being or should I say they’re or is it there being… :)

Smart-ass alert!!!

How’s that working out for you?

Princess MoMo: Like I said, it fails sometimes. :)

Hugger of the Homeless: Is it worth the attempt, would you suggest it to others, let’s say to a guy like myself?

Princess MoMo: It may be too late for you.

Hugger of the Homeless: You may be right and I love it!!!!

Princess MoMo: That tends to happen a lot.

Hugger of the Homeless: What my loving it?

Princess MoMo: Me being right ;)

Hugger of the Homeless: Bold assumption :) Plus, I’ve given up on both the intellect and emotions, I realized long ago that awareness was my key and my best quality…

Princess MoMo: List some things of which you are aware.

Hugger of the Homeless: There is light in this room.

I have fingers which are now stroking a keyboard to create a message.

This breath is amazing, and smells quite phenomenal.

The Yankees are beating the Red Sox.

My umbrella is right where I left it.

This stack of mail won’t throw itself away.

Princess MoMo: How many fingers do you have and what color/pattern is your umbrella? You know what they say about umbrellas, right?

Hugger of the Homeless: 10.

Green and white, but it’s wrapped up so it’s taking the appearance of a candy-cane swirl.

Their good at keeping your head dry when it’s raining? :)

Princess MoMo: They’re*

Hugger of the Homeless: You got it, that’s exactly what they say about umbrellas :)

Princess MoMo: I recently purchased a new umbrella. I can’t sleep :(

Hugger of the Homeless: I’m confused, what does a recent umbrella purchase have to do with insomnia? Is there a punchline I’m missing here?

Princess MoMo:  They were two distinct thoughts.

Hugger of the Homeless: Aha, well congrats on your new purchase. And… um, well, I don’t really know where to go with the insomnia, as my best cure typically involves the assistance of someone else, or some exercise…

Princess MoMo: I’m happy to report that I eventually succeeded in my quest for sleep. Hope you had a good night.

Hugger of the Homeless: Glad to hear it!! I slept well as well… So what was your secret to drifting off? A book, some jumping jacks, meditation, soothing sounds of running water?

Do tell…

Princess MoMo: If I have a secret, it’s so super secret, that I don’t even know about it!! Highly classified information I suppose. Basically, I just lay there until I pass out.

Hugger of the Homeless: You are double O :)  You’re with holding info, I can feel it :)

Princess MoMo: Your spider senses are off. I am not withholding from you. Why would I do such a thing? Double M as well. I go by MoMo. Doubles Os, double Ms.

Hugger of the Homeless: You go girl :) What if it’s Om…Om..?

Someone has to keep you on your toes

Princess MoMo: OmOm doesn’t have the same ring to it and it doesn’t roll
of the tongue as easily.

Hugger of the Homeless: It does if you slow it down… Oooooooommmmm…..Oooooooooommmmmmm…..

You feel any more centered :)

Princess MoMo: Hmmz…I’m still not so sure about OmOm. Maybe I’ll have to hear you say it.

Hugger of the Homeless: Okay :) You’ve hever heard a Buddhist monk?

Princess MoMo: I’m not sure what you’re asking.

Hugger of the Homeless: Ooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Princess MoMo: Yea….I’ll stick with MoMo!

Hugger of the Homeless: Hahaha…. probably better off :)

Any big plans for the weekend?

Princess MoMo: No. You?

Hugger of the Homeless: I got invite to my aunt’s shore house, but I’m flying to Utah for work early Tuesday morning and think it best to just stay local. A good friends is having a party on Sunday, but other than that ver low-key :)



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  1. I seriously doubt there is a dude out there that hugs every homeless person he meets and does online dating. Jesus Christ died over 2,000 years ago.

  2. I wonder if he’d hug all of the occupy wall street people.

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