Girl Talk re: Mr. T (10/26)

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Cyber BFF: so, are you digging Mr. T? 6’5″? really?

MoMo: Yes, I’m digging him. Particularly on a banter and primal level.
And, yes, he’s 6’5″

Cyber BFF: do you possess photos of this person?

MoMo: yeah
[provides link to his facebook page]
I don’t find him particularly hot
But I’m attracted to him
Pheromones and alpha male

Cyber BFF: He’s attractive. He should shave his head, though.
Bonus, he plays guitar!
(kidding about that last one; guys that play guitar annoy me. there could be exceptions though)

MoMo: so funny. i feel the same way about guitars
i was turned off when he told me
and i commented on his guitar pic, but then deleted the comments

Cyber BFF: acoustic guitar is ridiculous…. and those that frequently book “gigs” are unacceptable
why was he at the fundraiser?

MoMo: he was there with a friend
who was being auctioned off
did you read the date write up about him?

Cyber BFF: wait… I guess I missed it..

MoMo: [provides link]

Cyber BFF: I will review and advise
the obsession with Hoboken is a little off putting. time to grow up

MoMo: his or mine?

Cyber BFF: His. Check out his fb posts.

MoMo: his glasses are terrible
and, i’m pretty sure he does do “gigs”

Cyber BFF: I think he does too. Those glasses are straight out of hipster, Williamsburg

MoMo: did you read the post yet?

Cyber BFF: Lunch w [my boyfriend] now. Post after

MoMo: it seems like you and he are always eating

Cyber BFF: The only meal I really eat is lunch. He has three square per day.

MoMo: you only eat once a day?!

Cyber BFF: Pretty much. Something small late night (post happy hour)


Cyber BFF: How old is he again?

MoMo: 37

Cyber BFF: good age. any idea what his relationship story is?
I liked the texts he sent after you passed out part. When is the next rendez-vous?

MoMo: divorced
was married for 4 years in his 20s
was with that girl for 8 years total
we haven’t set official next rendezvous plans

Cyber BFF: ahhhh divorced. good. why no kids?

MoMo: i don’t know. he got married at 24.
24-28 is relatively young for men to have kids
but i don’t know the details

Cyber BFF: do you know what happened? how about the last 9 years?

MoMo: he said they were both good people, but did bad things and that he was too young to have gotten married. he said after being married, he was very hesitant to getting into a very committed relationship like that again for several years…after that, i don’t know
he told me all of this before the date
spoke to him friday night on my way home from work
asked why, at 37, he wasn’t married
that’s when he told me he was divorced
asked when
and he gave me the info i shared with you
why is divorced good?

Cyber BFF: this sounds promising.

MoMo: why do you think it sounds promising

Cyber BFF: we need to investigate his interest in playing gigs
he’s an older guy… who has already made a mistake
good news is that, unlike so many others, this mistake did not involve children
this might explain his fascination with Hoboken, at his age
but, he’s going to have to get over that
the hoboken obsessed, over age 30(ish), are a little pathetic

MoMo: where do you want him to live

Cyber BFF: I don’t mind him living in Hoboken (although, the grown up thing to do would be to move to JC)
It’s really the hoboken obsession that is annoying

MoMo: well, his company focuses on businesses in hobo

Cyber BFF: that makes it better, but still

MoMo: what gig related info are we looking to collect

Cyber BFF: like: how into getting “gigs” is he? and, where/what does he play? and, will he be interested in dragging you to hear his other not-so-talented friends play?

MoMo: he plays the guitar and sings
and, regardless of his interest in dragging me to such nonsense, i will not be compelled to go
i don’t like live bands or any of the like

Cyber BFF: neither do I (duh) …. which is why it is important to find out how interested he is in seeing them
all people who play live music like to see others do it (blech)…. must figure out how much interest he has in that. God, if an interest in that was added to the things [my boyfriend] likes, it would’ve been a deal breaker. I can barely handle the football watching

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  1. You are looking at the wrong kinds of guys who play guitar. These guys sound like they know a few chords and play some horrible rendition of Dave Matthews garbage. You need to find someone who knows classical, jazz or who can shred like Petrucci.

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