Online Dating Fails: I cannot suppress my inner Grammar Nazi

Posted by Princess MoMo on Oct 17 in Epic fails, Grammar, Men, Online dating

Specimen: Other then being extremely entertained by your Profile, I have to ask for more…. as far as my background check goes. I have a Top Secret clearance from the Military, So I hope that will Suffice. If you need other proof of my credentials I would be glad to
show you but I am sure you are far too busy deleting and tossing the countless emails that probably flood your account. I do hope that you consider mine for the mere fact that my one of a kind southern values and personality will keep you entertained for as long “you’re” willing. Many of your Pet peeves fall in correlation with mine, so that is def a plus. Hope your having a good week. I look forward to hearing back from you.


Analysis: I particularly enjoy the specimens that highlight proper use of grammar by putting a word in quotes, but then, elsewhere in “their” messages, they misuse the same word. Example: “…my one of a kind southern values and personality will keep you entertained
for as long ‘you’re’ willing.” Great job, Joey! You properly employed the use of “you’re.” But later, he writes, “Hope your having a good week.” It should be, “Hope ‘you’re’ having a good week.” Additionally, the second word in his message should be “than,” not “then.” He also seems to have a predilection for converting common nouns into proper ones.

Evidently, the military has more lenient standards than I.

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2 Responses to “Online Dating Fails: I cannot suppress my inner Grammar Nazi”

  1. “fall in correlation”. Ha!

  2. I’m being a bit of a dick with that, because I understand what he is trying to convey. But if you can’t use a word without said usage falling somewhere on the continuum between “really awkward” and “simply incorrect”, then just don’t use the word.

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