Online Dating Fails: Let’s be friends

Posted by Princess MoMo on Oct 13 in Epic fails, Men, Online dating

Specimen: Hi, how are you, my name is Randy nice to meet you, just came across your profile, I have to say you that look great on your pictures and I would love to get to know you even if it means as friends :) So, if I may ask how was your weekend ;)

Analysis: Come on, Randy. You can do better than that. Essentially, here’s what he said: “I think you’re hot. Let me lure you into communicating with me by extending a false friendship olive branch. Once you’ve agreed to my patently bullshit offer, I’ll make attempts to invade your pants.” No thanks, Randy. If perhaps you had suggested becoming acquainted as friends based on something you read in my profile, i.e, something substantive, I may have taken you up on your offer.

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  1. Hello Princess MoMo I find your satire very witty and insightful, can I get inside your pants now?

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