Sour MoMo (Gchat with Mr. Car)

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Mr. Car: I had such bad sleep last night

Princess MoMo: dreaming of disco?

Mr. Car: actually the night turned differently than expected

Princess MoMo: how so

Mr. Car: well, there was fun involved

dancing and drinking

Princess MoMo: cool

Mr. Car: yes, and the lovely company of a 47yr old woman haha

Princess MoMo: pimpin’

gettin’ them cougars

Mr. Car: she loved me but couldn’t get over my age

what crap

Princess MoMo: ew

you would date a 47 year old?

Mr. Car: no

Princess MoMo: so who cares if she couldn’t get over your age

Mr. Car: other reasons

Princess MoMo: ok

i don’t like cryptic talk

if you would like to continue the conversation, please more clearly state whatever you’re implying

i’m not playing the decipher game today

Mr. Car: I will choose not to elaborate on this particular subject then

but I do want to know what your deal is with tonight

Princess MoMo: no deal with you

Mr. Car: why

Princess MoMo: because you’re annoying me

Mr. Car: omg

here we go again

Princess MoMo: you’re like a child

in the sense that you can’t just say whatever the fuck you’re talking about

it’s always never mind or incomplete thoughts/sentences

it’s frustrating

Mr. Car: you care way too much about every little detail

Princess MoMo: if you bring up a topic, finish the thought

if not, don’t bring it up or don’t talk to me at all

Mr. Car: you’re so difficult

“don’t talk to me at all”

what is that shit

Princess MoMo: it’s me trying to expel annoyance from my life

Mr. Car: I’m not even going to respond to that

because now is when you start talking out of line

I brought up a worthless topic and then decided there was nothing else to be said about it

what a sin

Princess MoMo: obviously you were trying to hook up with her

is it difficult to say that?


yet you choose to dance around topics

like i give a fuck what you do

i’m currently experiencing high levels of irritability with a 99% chance of bitch on the radar

Mr. Car: if you’re so intelligent and it’s so obvious that you already knew what I was going to say (which I have that sense that this happens many time) then it should not be so frustrating

yea, clearly


be nice

Princess MoMo: no i’m not being nice

i’m fucking annoyed

and you’re causing the annoyance by not being direct

Mr. Car: typical Friday

excuse me you realize that you are carrying this on way beyond where it should be taken

the actual annoyance occured about 5 minutes ago and should have lasted no more than about 20 seconds

it was my first offense of the day

and yet, it is catastrophic to the MoMo mind

Princess MoMo: right, but it’s an all too often repeated offense

Mr. Car: well clearly that is a habit of mine

and you just fly off the handle every time

and it’s not done on purpose

so chill the f out


1. To chill and relax simultaneously.

Princess MoMo: and really, it’s gross that you were trying to get it in with someone 20 years your senior

Mr. Car: plz like you haven’t done the same

Princess MoMo: i haven’t


Mr. Car: oh sorry, you maxed out at 11

but wait, our friend Mr. Plane

Princess MoMo: yea, still 20% less of an age difference pal

Mr. Car: 42-27 = 15

gee, what a big diference

Princess MoMo: yes

Mr. Car: *difference

Princess MoMo: 15 is 20% less than 20


have fun chasing old pussy

Mr. Car: there was no chasing involved

Princess MoMo: i had the pleasure of spending last night with a 32 year old male

Mr. Car: hah

good for you

Princess MoMo: thanks

Mr. Car: I hope he was a loser

err.. that’s a little mean I’ll take it back

Princess MoMo: you can’t take it back

it’s already out there

and in writing no less

Mr. Car: not like I haven’t heard worse things from you to me

Princess MoMo: for the record, he’s not a loser

Mr. Car: ok how about we stop discussing these matters

because nothing good can come of it

Princess MoMo: how about we stop discussing anything at all

i’m serious

i don’t feel like chatting with you right now

Mr. Car: that’s annoying

your attitude right now is annoying

Princess MoMo: i would apologize, but i’m not sorry

Mr. Car: no surprise

I don’t like sour conversations with MoMo

I much prefer the pleasant ones

*greatly prefer

I want sweet MoMo to come out

it’s sour MoMo’s bedtime


[EDITOR’S NOTE: He was right the first time with “it’s.”]

Princess MoMo: sweet MoMo is on vacation for the next few days

Mr. Car: why is that

Princess MoMo: she needed some time off

Mr. Car: yea right, what did she work, 3 hrs this week?

Princess MoMo: you’re not her only client

Mr. Car: still 3 hrs

Princess MoMo: and a tiring three hours they were

Mr. Car: yea, it’s hard work

Princess MoMo: ok go away for a little bit

i don’t know why you haven’t learned to leave these conversations alone when i flip into mean mode

i’m tired and cranky

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  1. Flip King says:

    he wasnt trying to date the 47 year old he was trying to get sum of the AARP-unani

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