Online Dating Fails: Just saying hi

Posted by Princess MoMo on Dec 28 in Dating Advice, Epic fails, Online dating

Specimen: hi..I am kinda new at this online dating thing but thought you where cute and just wanted to say hi..


Analysis: This message is analogous to walking up to a female specimen at a bar and saying, “I’m new to dating, you’re hot, but I have nothing else to say.” It doesn’t fly. “Just saying hi” is generally useless. And, it’s online, it’s not like the bar is closing at 2 a.m. He could have waited until he thought of something substantive to write before sending that message.

No response.


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3 Responses to “Online Dating Fails: Just saying hi”

  1. Oh and don’t forget the grammar/spelling of “where cute” vs “were cute”…..

  2. It is uber lazy. Especially when the subject line is usually ALREADY “hi”

  3. CTS says:

    If he looked like Brad Pitt, you’d be all over him despite his retarded message. I think that’s what he was hoping for when he sent this message.

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