Online Dating Fails: Valentino

Posted by Princess MoMo on Dec 30 in Dating Advice, Epic fails, Men, Online dating

Specimen: Hello, I would like to take a moment and write here in this message, just to let you know that I went through your profile and pic and I liked it. I would like to know more about you. My name is Valentino, I leave and work in Manhattan.

I know this and other sites are not a place that we can feel comfortable easy, however, we all have to give a try.

Check my profile and if you see any interest, I will welcome a message back. :)


Analysis:  This is a wordy way of saying nothing.  It is obvious that English isn’t his first language, which is fine.  What isn’t fine is that he did not personalize the message at all.


Your “likes” and comments are encouraged and appreciated.  Thanks.


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  1. If I was into Italian guys (I’m not), I’d probably check out his profile and if he looked interesting, I’d give him a shot.

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