The End of Mr. Lambo (False Alarm)

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After the release of Mr. Lambo’s rendition of our second date with my charming Editor’s Notes, Mr. Lambo gave me what I perceived as the silent treatment.  Initially, I figured he was toning down the amount of contact because I had expressed that the excessive communication was making me feel smothered.  I sent him a facebook message inviting him to incorporate his own “editor’s notes” into my write up of our second date.  He did not respond for hours.  Such an extended time between responses was atypical for him.  About five hours later, I texted, “Are you mad at me?”  Again, no response.  Out of concern that something may have happened to him and desire for finality, I placed a call from a blocked number.  He answered.  I said, “Yo.”  He hung up.  I texted him, “Evidently that is a yes.  Well, I wish you the  best.  Hope your mom is doing  better.”  (His mom was not well the prior day.)

About an hour and half later (after I had fallen asleep), he texted, “Why would I be mad at you? I was out at home depot with my mom then came home and watched a stupid movie and fell asleep. You didn’t call on your way home from work so I assumed you weren’t in the mood to talk to me. My fb account has been hacked and I can’t get on it so that’s why I didn’t send you any messages on there. Anyway, I just took the dog out and I’m going back to bed. Call me in the morning if you want :) Miss you MoMo.”  He called me twice the following morning and texted, “Are you done talking to me?”  He also facebook messaged me, “Can you please call me. I’m not sure what happened between us but there is definitely a lack of communication somewhere.”  We ended up conversing and determining that I had jumped the gun in assuming he had written me off.

He explained that when I called from the blocked number, he didn’t hear a voice on the other end of the line.  I asked why he hadn’t seen or responded to my text given that his device was clearly in his hand.  He responded that the notification didn’t show up until he restarted his iPhone later.   It was clear that he wasn’t thrilled with my dismissiveness and willingness to just scrap things.  I expressed that, from my point of view, there had been a drastic change in his previously established communication pattern and that I attempted to verify my suspicions that he was ignoring me by placing the call from the restricted number.   (Dating Advice: Changes in communication patterns are red flags.)  Anyway, this all sounds very petty.  We resolved the issue and moved forward.  It was actually good because he began contacting me less, which allowed me to miss him and want to talk to him more.  (Dating Advice: Sometimes less is more in terms of the amount of contact between specimens.)



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One Response to “The End of Mr. Lambo (False Alarm)”

  1. CTS says:

    Well, let’s break down all his excuses here: (1) Facebook was hacked. (2) iPhone notification didn’t come up until he restarted his phone (who just restarts their phone randomly anyway and how often does this really happen?). (3) No response to the “are you mad at me” text until you told him you were kicking him to the curb. (4) Didn’t hear your voice on the other end of the blocked phone call. When did any one of these things ever happen between you guys before this one single night, much less all of them happening in the same night? The stars must have been incredibly aligned.

    He was just fucking with you as much as he could. And then when you basically told him it was over, he realized he went too far and tried to act like nothing happened — his intent was to play games, not to have you break up with him so he retreated. Also, when he says “you didn’t call me so I didn’t think you wanted to talk,” what he really means is “I was pissed off at you for not calling me so I started ignoring you to piss you off.”

    On a scale from 1 to complete and utter bullshitary, I give his story a grade of complete and utter bullshitary.

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