Guest Submission: Mr. Marathon Runner Part III

Posted by Princess MoMo on Jan 19 in Dating, Dating Advice, Guest Submissions

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Brief Overview: Mr. Marathon Runner is a douche.  For more details on his douchery, click on the links above.

January 9, 2012
Female: I am on a date with William aka Marathon man.. Having chips, wine and listening to Jay-z at his place..

Princess MoMo: Disapprove!

January 10, 2012
Female Friend: It actually turned better than I thought, he wants to be exclusive but I told I am not ready for that.

Princess MoMo: WTF?!
Are you insane?
This guy sucks. He’s a huge douche.
You need to ditch this guy
What is good about him?

Female Friend: I think he challenges me ..

Princess MoMo: By testing your patience?

Female Friend: But not in that good way… He falls under category of the type of man a woman wants to conquer due to douchebag behavior …

Princess MoMo: Isn’t the fact that he asked for exclusivity enough of an accomplishment?

Female Friend: Princess MoMo, you might be right!!!!!

Princess MoMo: Next move: Ignore the shit out of him.
Don’t explain it to him.
Don’t tell him you’re not interested.
Just stop communicating with him cold turkey.

Female Friend: That is the plan my dear….

January 15, 2012
Female Friend: I made the mistake of dealing with marathon man again today and I always speak my my mind and boom he punches me in the face . I wanted to call my day dad to fuck him up. I am no longer dating nor no interest. I was scared

Princess MoMo: He literally punched you in the face?!

Female Friend: It was more of a really hard smack… But damn it hurt…

Princess MoMo: WTF?!
What could you have possibly said that would cause him to strike you? And, how did you react? That’s absolutely ridiculous. I hope you’re smart enough to never associate with him again.

Female Friend: He kept making comments about my ethnicity, though he is a black man himself,so I told him he was a trick ass nigga & also he felt I wasn’t handling myself in the manner that a woman should when there a bunch of men around. I went over to his place and when I got there they were talking about women and how easily we get fooled by men so I spoke my mind. I just froze when he hit me and I looked at him dead in the eye( mind you he is 6″3) and told him that shows how much of trick ass bitch you are, grabbed my bag and left.
I knew he was a douche from day 1 but maybe I thought.. Heck I wasn’t thinking at all. Not even my dad has ever laid a hand on me. Weird thing is he had this look of rage(I never seen ever before on any human being)
I will never associate with him ever!

Princess MoMo: He did it in front of his friends? Wow…

Female Friend: His roommates , and one even asked me while I was inhaling a cig outside, how I know him & why I deal with him & and I just met the roommate

Princess MoMo: I’m astonished none of his friends reacted to him striking you.

Female Friend: We were in his bedroom. And this happened around midnight when they went out for the night



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  1. Adam Plowman says:

    Holy shit I just read these date posts… Who is this girl who kept seeing him… One, he is a straight douche. Two, she is insulting her intelligence by even considering date two… How could you possibly consider seeing him the third time? Glutton for punishment I guess, but all very entertaining!

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