Most Eligible Bachelor

Posted by Princess MoMo on Jan 27 in Epic fails, Facebook, Men, Online dating

You know, maybe I am too picky. With all of these wonderfully qualified, eligible bachelors that contact me on the interwebs, there is no other plausible explanation for the fact that I’m single. Oh wait, yes there is. The bachelors aren’t actually wonderfully qualified; they’re ridiculous (not in a good way).
Today’s most eligible bachelor comes to you (and me) courtesy of Uganda. Thank you, Uganda.  He made contact on facebook.   Ladies, if you’re interested, feel free to message him, but only if you’re white.

Kimbowa Felix am from uganda i am also searching for aloved one am black african and would like to find awhite lady for marriage am a catholic too am 20yrs and still astudent so if you pick interest in me lets go forward emaill me on for more hope to here fromu soon or if you can get me any beauti ful like you pliz help me wating……

Your “likes” and comments are encouraged and appreciated.  Thanks.


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5 Responses to “Most Eligible Bachelor”

  1. What in the fucking hell! This is embarrassing to my continent.

  2. I will make contact. Silly trick of a man.

  3. He’s not so bad. I mean he definitely needs help with his spelling and grammar, but at least he’s not telling you about a winning lottery ticket that he has and he needs you to send him $5,000 so he can redeem it.

  4. At Bob, that statement is fucking racist!

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