Online Dating Fails: Ethnic Smile

Posted by Princess MoMo on Jan 17 in Epic fails, Grammar, Men, Online dating

Specimen: Hello there! I hope all is well! You have a nice smile. What is your ethnicity?

Analysis: I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my smile lately.  I thought it was limited to online crap, but I was out this weekend and some guy stopped me to tell me how dazzled he was by my smile.  I’m not sure whether that means I have nice lips or nice teeth.  Perhaps both?  Alternatively, it could be my lipstick that is capturing the attention of these suitors.

With respect to the ethnicity question, that is the most frequently recurring inquiry I receive on the dating sites.  I don’t understand the relevance of that question in an initial message.  I suppose they’re just curious.

In conclusion, I didn’t respond to this message.  He didn’t say anything that caught my attention and made him stand out.  Also, there are slight hints of exclamation mark overuse in his message.


Your “likes” and comments are encouraged and appreciated.  Thanks.


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