To Catch a Predator + Survey

Posted by Princess MoMo on Jan 26 in Grammar, Men, Online dating

Back in the day, online dating was taboo. Now that it is mainstream, it is not uncommon to encounter profiles of people I know. On Monday night, a guy with whom I went to middle and high school messaged me. The picture he had up on the site was of a sunset, but his location was set as the town in which we grew up. His initial message to me also tipped me off as to his identity because he had previously sent me similar messages on facebook. After confirming his identity, I was taken aback because to my recollection, he had a girlfriend. I checked his facebook profile only to find that he had defriended me, but his profile picture was of him and the girlfriend. Accordingly, his presence on the dating site is shady, to say the least. I continued the dialogue he had started in an effort to compile evidence to send to his girlfriend. If I were in her shoes, I would want to know about my boyfriend’s online dating escapades. As you will read below, I asked the guy if his girlfriend knew about his participation in online dating. He said she did not. He immediately changed the information in his profile and pulled the sunset picture (because it’s probably a picture that the girlfriend knows). The most painful part of this whole exchange is that I had to endure his numerous grammatical errors.   Survey: SHOULD I TELL THE GIRLFRIEND?!

Predator: god your so dam sexy woman ;) How have you been? Your pix are amazing!

Princess MoMo: Who is this?

Predator: air hocky champion hahah

Princess MoMo: You mean air hockey chump? As I recall, you’re not too good with your hands.

[Editor’s Note: I dated one of his friends in 2009. When I was dating said friend, we went to the house of another mutual friend who has an air hockey table. I whipped the Predator’s ass in air hockey. Don’t even fuck with my air hockey skills.]

Predator: sorry not the greatest speller lmfao. And oh you wanna go there huh. Do i have to prove you wrong. I kno im good with the hands and other things ;)

Princess MoMo: Other things like what?

Predator: Figure it out :-)

Princess MoMo: My imagination is weak.

Predator: Can’t be your a great lawyer I hear lol

Princess MoMo: So you’re not going to tell me?

Predator: What do you want me to tell ya

Princess MoMo: I want you to tell me what you were insinuating.

Predator: Lol. Why do you think I’m bad with my hands

Princess MoMo: Because you suck at air hockey.

Predator: In your dreams sweet heart. And their will be a rematch I promise you that
? Whatcha up to

Princess MoMo: Don’t you have a gf anyway?

Predator: Yes. I do

Princess MoMo: So, what are you doing on here?

Predator: friends its actually mt old profile but just looking for cool people you? you moved to prinction?

Princess MoMo: Does your gf know that you’re looking for friends on a dating site?

Predator: no
is that bAad?

Princess MoMo: Umm, yes.

Predator: ;/ guess i should get off here then do you have a email or aol maybe we can chat their and so i can get in contact with you when the rematch is loll

Predator: guess not?


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  1. Initially my first reaction was, don’t tell the girlfriend, now that I see he’s a jerk, I’d probably tell her.

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