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Posted by Princess MoMo on Feb 12 in Grammar, Online dating

Since many of you have expressed dissatisfaction in my choice of specimens, we’re going to play a new game. Rather than just cutting and pasting the messages from online dating suitors, I will provide you with more information. You can decide whether I should write back or not. Then, when the guy sucks and my stories are boring, you have no one to blame but yourselves!


2/12/2012 4:22:15 PM
Hey great profile, love the uniqueness, I can tell right off the bat you great with words, thought to myself she must be a writer of some sort, then I looked and saw that one of your interests is writing. Great little short story!!! Even though your quite a stunner if I had only read that and not saw your photos I’d say not only are you beautiful but you have an extremely attractive character as well!

Age: 28
Location: NJ
Height: 6’3″
Profession: Office Products
Education: High School

Profile Narrative:

Hi I’m Andrew,
I enjoy working which I operate my own small business, I love going on vacation to warm nice places, I drive, I like to cook and eat, Love a nice bottle of red wine with a great meal and good company! Some hobbies would be running, working out, working, going to new places, beach.. things like that, I’d love to meet a girl to enjoy things with, I believe that when 2 people are together and enjoy each others company anything can be much more enjoyable and fun! So if your looking for a down to earth pretty laid back and hard working guy, send me a msg and we can go from there!


MoMo Analysis: Let’s start with the positive.  He read my profile and tailored his message to it.  That seems like a pretty basic feat, but many guys on dating sites don’t even bother putting in that little effort.  Now, onto the negatives.  First, his grammar is unattractive.  Second, the “camera phone in the mirror” picture is a total turn off because it communicates that one doesn’t have any friends to take pictures with or who will take pictures of him or that he’s myspace cool, which isn’t cool at all.  Should I respond?



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