Online Dating: Magic Carpet Ride

Posted by Princess MoMo on Mar 11 in Grammar, Men, Online dating


LOL>>> What a creative profile! You def. have a gift as an artist/author. What is your nat?

What a captivating smile! Love your profile and it seems that I meet your requirements. Would love to get to know you more.. What do you like to do for fun?

I love your bluntness very sexy quality.


Thank you. I’m Egyptian. You?


So am I.. do you speak arabic?




sweet.. Izek amala ey.. inte gamela awee.. Once we feel comfortable perhaps we can go to a huka lounge if your up for it. What do you do for a living?


Are you going to take me there on your magic carpet?

Lawyer. You?


LOL… if you wanted a magic carpet we can arrange that, helicopter no problem princess

Software sales.. so you couldnt compliment me on my arabic your a tough one


Not only did I not compliment you on your Arabic, but I’m going to
criticize you on your English. Never mind your Arabic, you used
“your” instead of “you’re” twice so far in our limited message
exchange. Your grammar is zift!!

Translation of his Arabic message:  How are you? You are very beautiful.

Translation of “zift”: It literally means asphalt, but is used in Arabic slang to mean something close to “shit.”

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4 Responses to “Online Dating: Magic Carpet Ride”

  1. Joanna Reyes says:

    every time i watch aladdin… i think of you !

  2. Joanna Reyes says:

    i think you’re jasmine!

  3. She is a princess, so I’m okay with that association. :)

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