Mr. Rx Part I

Posted by Princess MoMo on Jul 4 in Dating, Facebook, Grammar, Men, Texts
A good Samaritan coworker informed me that he had a specimen in mind for me.  Why he would throw his friend under the bus like that, I do not know.  Actually, I do know.  He told me that this friend of his was not the nicest of guys to the last girl he dated.  Essentially, he wanted his friend to be punished by yours truly.  (But, at the same time, the coworker did say that he thought we’d legitimately be a good match.  I guess that means he thinks I’m an asshole?)  

His friend Facebook-messaged me.  Conversation was dull and he did not bother to capitalize anything.   As I was discussing with my coworker his friend’s lack of capitalization, I received a new message containing wrong you’re/your usage from the friend.  Naturally, I immediately closed the browser window to help recover from what I had just witnessed.  I expressed my dismay to my coworker and he said he would advise his friend.

The following is a text exchange between the coworker and his friend.
Lo and behold, Mr. “she’ll get used to it” suddenly began utilizing capitalization in his Facebook messages to me.  So, it appears as though he’s the one who will get used to the ways of the grammar nazi.  Once the grammar was addressed, I moved on to my next complaint:  the boring subject matter of his messages.  Once again, my coworker swooped in to save the day.  It’s very convenient having a middle man in this dating situation.
Once again, Mr. Rx heeded the advice.  We exchanged numbers and then began the texting.  Fortunately, his first text to me was about scheduling a date (as opposed to a lame-ass-waste-of-a-text “hey”).  We agreed on a day for the date.  Later that night, I texted asking if he wanted to phone chat after his karate training.  The conversation went well except that it was hard to make out what he was saying at times due to his shitty iPhone voice quality and the fact that he laughs a lot while speaking.
The next couple of days, he maintained an adequate level of communication.  He texted almost everyday, but it wasn’t overdone.  We spoke on the phone once more prior to the date.  

To be continued…

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