Mr. Rx Part VIII

Posted by Princess MoMo on Aug 20 in Dating, Grammar

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Date two took place on July 3.  We texted every day thereafter.  On July 6th, we had the following exchange:

Mr. Rx: Are you going to be around tomorrow?

Princess MoMo: No. Shore.

Mr. Rx: Boo. Ok, Well have fun then. See you next week?

Princess MoMo:  Why?

Mr. Rx: Lol or not. I thought we’d go out again.

After the first two dates, I was not thrilled with this character, but I wanted to hang on because he had promised me a write up of date two.  I asked him for it on July 9:

Princess MoMo:  Are you doing a write up of date  2?

Mr. Rx:Perhaps I will write up date two in exchange for date three

Princess MoMo: Quid pro quo?

Mr. Rx: Indeed. What’s your schedule for this week?

Princess MoMo: Any weekday.

Princess MoMo: Any weekday other than Friday.

Mr. Rx: I’m free tomorrow night and wednesday after 9

Princess MoMo:  That would probably make it past my bedtime

Mr. Rx: Clarification, off tomorrow, free after 9 on Wednesday

Princess MoMo: See, commas are important.  Tomorrow is fine.

Mr. Rx: Anything in particular you’d like to do?

Princess MoMo: No

Mr. Rx: As long as you get to spend time with booboo? That’s cute lol. I’ll think of something

Princess MoMo: You’re booboo now?

Mr. Rx: I know, it’s almost too good to be true right lol

And so the name BooBoo was born.

July 10:

Mr. Rx: Lol running out of ideas.

Princess MoMo:  After two dates?

Mr. Rx: Lol, how late can I keep you out?

Mr. Rx: Nvm, comedy club is closed tonight. How bout something boring today and we’ll do a Yankees game next week

Mr. Rx: Mini golf?

Princess MoMo:  Where?

Mr. Rx: There’s a nice one near freehold, I’ll have to look it up when I’m done. No internet access

Princess MoMo:  Too far.

*              *                 *               *                *

Mr. Rx: Stop giving me the “side-piece” weekday time slot

I ended up canceling that night because I had to work late.  It was perceptive of him to notice that he was consistently deprived of valuable weekend time.  He hadn’t earned it.

July 11:

Mr. Rx: So what’s the verdict on the plans tonight?

Princess MoMo: You’re supposed to tell me

Mr. Rx:  I’ll drive up to see you after work and we can have a late dinner. Where is there to eat up by your place?


I found it surprising and annoying that after just two dates he was unable to easily come up with a date idea.  It was particularly annoying in light of the fact that I had suggested the form of entertainment for the second of the two dates.  We ultimately decided to go to Friday’s in my town because there isn’t much open late in my rural area.  I asked if he wanted to pick me up or if he wanted to meet there.  We agreed he’d pick me, which meant that I could consume some fermented grape juice before he inevitably arrived later than he said he would.

Princess MoMo: The options for late night eating in the Flemington area include Friday’s, Applebees, and a bar called Jakes

Mr. Rx: Friday’s sounds good. Any preference?

Princess MoMo: Address is 294 us 202

Princess MoMo: (Address to Fridays)

Mr. Rx: Ok sounds good. Damn, got a little excited for a minute

Princess MoMo: Excited about what?

Mr. Rx: Thought I was getting the home address for a second

Princess MoMo: Not yet booboo. I don’t want to have to worry about you creeping in the bushes quite yet.

Mr. Rx: Okaaaay :/

Princess MoMo (an hour and a half later): Fuck it. If you want to scoop me up from the crib, you can. That way I can begin indulging in the grape goodness known as wine

Mr. Rx: Baller. Have a few

Princess MoMo: Haha I will. Be ready for a totally different MoMo.

Mr. Rx: Bow-chica-wow-wow

Princess MoMo: Not that different…

Mr. Rx: Haha, only because booboo has not yet seduced you

Princess MoMo: [Picture text of a large fire I had made in the fire pit in my yard.]

Mr. Rx: Nice

Princess MoMo: That’s where booboo will end up if he misbehaves.

Princess MoMo: Can booboo be reasonably timely tonight?

Mr. Rx: Absolutely

Mr. Rx: Only because I’m so excited to see you.

Princess MoMo: So does that mean you weren’t excited for dates one and two homeboy?

Mr. Rx: Lol I was, I was trying to be big man though and play it cool. Obviously not working out well, so perhaps I’ll go with the genuine approach.


I enjoyed arguably a bit more juice than I should have: an entire bottle.  The good news is that it put me in a very pleasant mood.  Suddenly, my auditory system was disturbed by the sound of his intentionally super-loud vehicle about a mile away from my house located in an otherwise peaceful neighborhood.  I hopped into his car and we were on our very loud way.


There really wasn’t anything too eventful at Friday’s other than the fact that the other princess (him as opposed to me) got a lemon with his drink instead of a lime (or maybe it was the other way around).  He expressed his astonishment at how the bartender could have possibly placed the wrong fruit on his drink.  When it was time to order a second round, I clarified to the bartender Mr. Rx’s fruit demands.  That was pretty much the only highlight from that date.  I must say, though, that he was on much better behavior the third time around than he was the first two times.  He was learning.


He texted me after he dropped me off:

Mr. Rx: Gnite sweetheart. Sorry I kept you out so late. I had a good time, and getting to see you was a great end to my day.

Princess MoMo: Good morning. I am glad you enjoyed training session 3. I am already seeing improvement!

Princess MoMo: For the first time, I actually want to see you again.

Mr. Rx: I knew you’d warm up to me

Princess MoMo:  All it took was a whole bottle of wine plus two glasses



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