Shut ‘Em Down

Posted by Princess MoMo on Nov 5 in Dating, Dating Advice, Epic fails, Online dating

Sometimes (very, very rarely to be precise), I feel bad for harshly shutting down guys on dating sites.  No one likes rejection.  But then, I rethink my perspective and realize that I am actually doing them a service because I’m directly letting them know that their approach is a failure.  If they heed the warning, and rearrange their approach, there are also potentially third party beneficiaries (the other women they solicit).

I think guys believe that if a woman doesn’t respond to their first attempt, their initial message must have somehow slipped through the cracks.  While that may be the case in rare instances, a majority of the time, her lack of response is directly correlated to her lack of interest.  In other words, NO RESPONSE = NO INTEREST.



10/21/2012 11:47:03 PM
Whats going on new best friend. I’m Andre, I’m going to be in Newtown, PA in November for work and thought it would be nice to have a friend there. I thought maybe we could grab a drink while I’m in town. How’s dat sound.


11/5/2012 9:44:24 PM
Good evening, I hope your day went well. I’m Andre, I’m 28, and I’m visiting newtown, pa for work and I thought it would be nice to make your acquaintance.
It’s always nice to meet a new friend in a new city.
Also, if you’re not to busy this week I would to grab a drink with you and talk. How’s that sound ?


11/5/2012 9:45:22 PM
It sounds equally as unappealing as your first request.

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