Mr. Joshua Walton the Scammer Part III

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Joshua Walton
To Me


Thank you for getting back to me. I am glad to know that you accepted to be my partner in this deal. Before we proceed, i want you to agree to my terms and conditions. You should be certain that there wouldn’t be any problems in the reception of the funds into your bank account. So you should be sure that your bank account is in good form. I want you to assure me that once the fund has been transferred you will not sit on the money or disappear. I am doing this with you based on Trust. And i believe you will not disappoint me.

Now, the most important aspect of this deal is that i want you to always do what ever i tell you to do as long as this deal is concerned for us to be successful. I am in the Bank and i know what has to be done on my part and on yours for us to be successful in this deal. With your cooperation, I am going to ensure that all adequate measures are in place to ensure the speedy transfer of this funds 13.5 million Euros in the custody of the Bank i operate with to your bank account. I would want to re-affirm that my intentions are in the right places. I see this as an alluring opportunity for us to get this funds. All i have to do is to remain at the background, assist and direct you on what to do.

The name of the Bank i operate with is Bank Atlantique (Atlantic Bank) located in the City of Abidjan in Cote D’Ivoire. You are my partner and we have to work together with trust and confidence to be successful. And at the end we will both smile and be happy. If everything goes well, the Thirteen Million Five Hundred and Seventeen Thousand Euros will be transferred to your bank account in less than 7 days in batches. Of cos it can not be transferred all at once due to the banking system in your country. And after you have received the funds, i will inform you on how i will get my 50% share. If possible i might visit your country to receive my share as i might invest in some lucrative business over there.

Definitely i want us to get to know a little about each other, and doing so by answering your questions:

1. Is your pricing preference elastic or inelastic? My answer: elastic
2. How old were you when you traded your first stock? My answer: Fourteen.
3. Do you put your toilet paper roll with the loose sheet hanging over or hanging under? Hanging under.

I want to ask you a question if you don’t mind. Have you handled such an amount of money before ? If i decided to invest with my share of the money, what sort or kind of business can one go into without making much losses in your country ?

So back to business. The starting process in this deal is to fill a Beneficiary and Trustee Claimant’s Application Form and have it submitted to the Bank’s Trust Fund Management department for approval. I have attached this form below. You are required to complete only Section (2) and enter your Signature on section (7) of the form.

Please do these things as soon as possible and email them to me. As soon as i receive them from you, i will submit it to the Trust Fund Management for approval.

Once approved, you will be made the Beneficiary and Trustee to the Trust Account holding the €13,517,000.00 Euros. And the bank will setup an online access to the Trust Account for you. You will be issued the Log in Username and Password to the Trust Account so that you can access the account online via the bank’s website. After you have logged in to the account, you will be able to transfer money from the Trust Fund Account to your Bank account in your country using the online wire transfer form in the online bank website. But i think its best i do that for you so as to avoid making an error. We don’t need error s in this deal my friend. On the other hand, a Bank Transfer Order can be made. Which ever we think will be suitable we will execute.

I will be glad to receive a quick response from you my friend.

Joshua Walton.
Regional Accountant.


Joshua Walton
To Me
Apr 29 at 1:28 PM

Please note that the form are of three pages which i uploaded separately. What you are to fill is the Beneficiary’s information on the first document/page and endorse your Signature on the last document/page. To save time, you could download only the first and last document or all three.

Looking forward to read from you.

Joshua Walton.
Regional Accountant.

To Joshua Walton
Today at 10:50 PM

Goodness, gracious, me oh my! I can’t believe this is happening to me. How did I get lucky enough to land a partner like you? Mr. Walton, or may I call you Joshua? Maybe Joshie? Don’t get me wrong, Joshie, I have the utmost of Trust in you. I trust you like I trust my mom. Btw, you should totally meet my mom. Since you and I are partners now, I’d like to introduce you to her. She’ll be so proud of me for finally doing something with my life. You mentioned you may make a trip to my country. I would surely love that. Have you ever been to ‘Murica? There is so much to see. We can start with NYC. I’ll take you to a Broadway play. Have you heard of Book of Mormon? It’s a fantastic play and it has a lot to do with your motherland, Africa. In fact, there’s a whole song about Africa in the play!! Yes, a whole song. You should probably look up the soundtrack on YouTube so that we can sing along during the play. I love singing and I hope you do too. Which brings me to my next activity suggestion: Karaoke! Do you have karaoke over there in the Ivory Coast? It’s such a fascinating pastime. Basically, you choose a song for a list of songs, the words are projected onto a screen, and you sing the words in front of an audience into a microphone. If you really want to get jiggy with it, you can do a little dancing while you sing. Oh man, Joshie, this is going to be a blast! With our 13.5 million Euros, we’ll be able to go to the best karaoke bar in the country!!! I’ll start preparing an itinerary for your visit. I’ll send it in my next email because it’s going to take me some time to plan it all out. I don’t want to disappoint you.

Anyway, back to Trust. Yes, I Trust you. Yes, I want to do as you say as far as this deal goes. But, I also want to make sure I’m protected. I had a scammer email me once suggesting he was a distinguished official in Nigeria and that he would transfer a large sum of money to me. However, that didn’t work out very well. I ended up losing a lot of money in the process. I Trust that you would never do such a thing. I’m confident of that. And, please, don’t take anything I just told you to suggest that I don’t fully Trust you. Your emails have assured me that you are really looking for a partner in a legitimate deal. And the documents you’ve sent me look very official. But, I’m asking is that we draft up a small agreement between us — a partnership agreement, if you will. I would offer to visit with a lawyer to secure a draft agreement, but I already promised you I would tell no one about this deal. Do you think you could send me a partnership agreement? Also, do I need to get the documents you sent me notarized?

Finally, I’m a little bit disappointed in your icebreaker responses. While I’m happy you took time out of your busy day to answer them, I was hoping for a little bit more elaboration. Like I said, we need a proper foundation for our relationship for this partnership to work. If you wouldn’t mind, please provide more detail in your icebreaker question responses. I really want to know why you prefer hanging your toilet paper under. That just makes no sense to me.


P.S. Do you think I should start looking into real estate for us to open an office together here in the U.S. of A.?

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2 Responses to “Mr. Joshua Walton the Scammer Part III”

  1. Jan Thomas says:

    LOL many times!!! Especially about the over/under & the notarizing comment. Meeting your Mom was priceless. I never did get the under position either.

  2. Steve Thomas says:

    Good stuff! Nice seed planting on the business ventures. I sincerely hope he elaborates on the toilet paper; maybe it will change our views on the matter.

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