Mr. Joshua Walton the Scammer Part IV

Posted by Princess MoMo on May 2 in Emails with Scammers, Nigerian Scammer, Scammers

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Typically, my blog entries consist of a message from Joshie, followed by a message from me.  In this case, I have only provided Joshie’s message because it is so funny that it needs its own space.  Enjoy!

Joshua Walton

To Me
Today at 7:51 AM


You can just call me Josh. If i may ask, what are your full names? I believe that you will really give me fun and make me happy when i visit your country. And of cos i would definitely love to meet your family. Maybe after my visit you could also visit my country and get to know my family. I haven’t been to Murica before but i have been to Texas twice back in the years. I love karaoke and we do have them here too. But please it would be wise not to be carried away with luxury life and fun after we share the 13.5 million Euros. I would advice that we invest into something lucrative other than wasting it. Although we will have enough change for fun. :)

Please you have to be very careful when doing business with Nigerians. I have had ugly experiences with such people in the past. I have lost certain amounts of money to such people and it was not funny.

Anyway back to our business, yes, the documents i sent to you has to be notarized. That will indicate that your signature on the document is legitimate. And i will really appreciate it if you can notarize it and have it emailed to me today. So that i could submit it to the responsible department for approval.

There will be no need to go meet a lawyer to draft out an agreement. I will visit a lawyer that will draft the agreement they way i want it to be today due to the nature of the deal. I will email you the agreement after i have endorsed my signature on it.

In regards to your ice breaker questions, i actually don’t know exactly why i like hanging my toilet paper under. Maybe its because it easier pulling it while its under other than when its over. Its just an habit.

Anyway try to get back to me with the documents while i try to send you the Agreement for your signature endorsement.

Joshua Walton.
Regional Accountant.

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3 Responses to “Mr. Joshua Walton the Scammer Part IV”

  1. He’s such a good sport that I’m thinking he might actually want to share his euros with you! I’d avoid it based on the toilet paper preference though.

  2. Gosh Josh, no Murica lawyers get to share in the change???

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