POF rap battle: PureRican vs. Fresh Princess Part II



Oh, here we go, this chick acts like she wrote the book of rhymes/
Trying to get technical, okay, let’s get it on, it’s lunch time/
See nothing on my country? Let’s be honest, not the case or is it?/
Last I checked, we were on a list for “Most Beautiful Places To Visit”./
You’re trying to go line for line, but with me that’ll be harder wit’/
I talk about my history, but you preach about yours as if you were actually a part of it/
The Pure Rican stands tall, strong, hits the climax/
His country in recession but watch it bounce back in your face more clearer than 3D IMAX/ Hold up before you speak, Arabian Princess, give me a minute and just relax../
This next thing that I tell you will evidently surprise you, this Rican work’s hard/
I dig holes, stay healthy n’ get CASH, what the f*ck is a Visa card?/
You beating me? It’s just not there, as if Juilet didn’t have Romeo/
The Egyptians were the most fascinated with my nuts at ya rodeo show/
So think before you speak, look closer, we’re not equal/
Because apparently the Egyptians care very much about my people/
You’ll never take my ego, try your hardest, I won’t budge/
Beat you here and in the court, call me your honor, I’m YOUR Judge/
I’ll keep this next line real minimal/
Im kicking you off the stand, job stripped, next profession – The Criminal/
Next time you approach me, show The Pure Rican some manners/
You and your people witnessed my nuts, now you see how I lay down the f*ckin’ hammer/
Anything else you need to see, I’ll be more than happy to give you a glimpse/
You’re not only a disgrace to The Fresh Princess, but a true disgrace to The Fresh Prince/
I’m silently-tactically more skilled, I advise you to practice, and try it/
Overriding someone’s mission requires NOT TELLING THEM, being low-ki and being quiet./
….So be quiet………. ?……..

10/6/2015 2:04:19 PM
My apologies, but your lines no me gusta
You need a wake up call; find you a rooster.
Of your forefathers, your username is a reflection
But let me go deeper with this inspection
You started with the ethnic salt throwing
Now you seem lost, don’t know where you’re going
Maybe you need a compass, GPS, or maps
To navigate you through your whack raps
You’re no judge, no jury, nor attorney at law
Yet you think you doing me raw?
Put down the hammer, rightfully called gavel
To your PR I once did travel
I shed tears for the stray, cute canines
But that is the least of your natives’ crimes
Even those starving dogs wouldn’t want your huevos
Nuts worth not even two pesos
They just getting roasted over my fire
By this pretty, devilish esquire
Objection, your dishonor, the clown
Await the verdict and sit your ass down

Oh, that’s right..
You’re a part of your history, evidently mine too/
You see my forefathers in me, you believe your fake Arabian powers can see through/
You’re using the same vocabulary, “clown” is the only word you know?/
Fine, scratch “your honor”, call me “THE COURT” because indeed I run this whole show/
Sweetest dreams twinkle-stars, you believe in astrology?/
C’mon, an Attorney and G.D, with that weak terminology?/
At least I have an excuse, I only possess an Associates/
To say that’s all I need to beat you sounds and is looking pretty appropriate/
You went to Puerto Rico, probably wore those pretty shoes/
Started dancing and got kicked out once they saw ya Salsa moves/
Leave the quick steps to the Pro’s/
Puerto Rican women are classy, discriminate against Arabian ho’s/
They call me The Silent Assassin because I look quiet but tactics hurt/
Might as well just forfeit now, I’m the rightful owner of your Turtles shirt/
Looks like Lil’ Arabia got a lil’ spanky on the buttocks/
Tied up n’ dethroned with Michaelangello’s nunchucks/
Gotta drive back to my office so I can punch out/
You’ve got ten seconds to get up, next one is the knockout.

All jokes too, like you said! ?.

10/6/2015 5:34:19 PM
I’ll run around you in circles with my vocabulary
You’re no equal, no match, no adversary
Because you seemed not to comprehend
I used your own language, amigo, my friend
Blame it on school, like I learned to read/write in college
But by then I had amassed much of my linguistic knowledge
Syntax, semantics, morphology, and phonetics
You’re lovin’ my flow, stuck like magnetics
F*ck ninja turtles, call me The Shredder
Stay playing in the sewer, you bed wetter
Verbally shredding you with my prose
How dare you refer to ladies of my kind as hos
Rican ladies are classy in what solar system?
Now you’re really displaying lack of wisdom.
Poppin out babies like they are rodents
But no Master Splinters, no worthy opponents
Today is my birthday, but I’ll give you a gift
Naw, forget it, you might get too miffed
You trying to be a manly dominatrix?
Snap back to reality, out of the matrix.
I bow down to no one, especially no boy
You’d have to abduct me, like Helen of Troy
The Trojan War was the result
Back to the next insult
Court? More like court jester
Think on that, let it fester
Now I gotta go celebrate my birth
A damn 31 years on this green earth

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