POF rap battle: PureRican vs. Fresh Princess



The Pure Rican is the PUREST, Arabia, of all pure/ So be careful what you ask for/ Because if this Rican licked your labia, you’d be hooked, askin’ for more/
Trust me, it’s not a joke, I’d be willing to make the bet/ ThePureRican, once again I remind you is something that you have never seen yet/ My lyrics are not only quick, but sharp, girl, RAW/ Only a Criminal Justice GRADUATE and still beat the ATTORNEY layin’ down the law/
I haven’t spit out a rhyme since high school, still sharp, IN SYNC, FLUENT/
Princess of ARABIA? …Girl, leave the rapping to the RICAN, a culture that ACTUALLY HAD AN INFLUENCE.

Hahaa.. All love, Princess, c’mon. Let’s make P.o.F SOMEWHAT interesting, even if our fate is just to battle! Lmao!

You’re bringing plenty of smiles to my face over here! Lol, having one of the most fun moments on P.o.F right here, with you! Lol….

10/5/2015 9:28:53 PM
I’m of the greatest ancients to ever live on the earth
The accomplishments of the Ricans, there is a dearth.
Your peeps are famous for bathing with cologne
While for intelligence and advancement mine are known
8000 years ago, Egyptians paved the way
What have yours done up to this day?
Yet you have parades waving your flag
But for what, though, do you have to brag?
Cuz you had a fat rapper known as Big Pun?
Take that nonsense elsewhere, POF son!

That cologne that you speak of, it’s what all of your women thirst/
Only difference between Ricans and The Pure Rican is that The Pure Rican BATHS FIRST/
You’re hatin’ on the flag that also represents America, America gave you Arabians a clue/
They don’t rep’ your colors, they chose us, because they got love for the Red, White and Blue/ ….By the way, you rep’ my colors in one of your pictures, too :)/
8,000 years ago was THE LAST TIME your people paved the way/
The Taino Indians were the SMARTEST, we took over, and the stereotype still lives today/ ..Which leaves me left to say/
You have SOME intelligence, but advancement? ..Your country is filled with cold blood/
While mine is a FRESH hot and tropical, Caribbean PURE waters turn your dessert into mud/
You’re hatin’ on Big Pun, because something you can’t fathom/
Is the REAL RAPPER had SKILL, not to mention, HE WENT PLATINUM/
You ask me what my people have done, I can tell you The Pure Rican’s worth/
Conquering and demolishing those whom USED TO BE the greatest ancients to live on EARTHHHHHHH.

10/6/2015 3:21:49 AM
Seems like you got history a lil twisted
The U S flag came about before PR’s flag existed.
Taino’s name is barely in historical conversation
Meanwhile everyone’s familiar with the Egyptian nation
The Sahara is hot, but yeah our blood may be cold
But you already knew that; didn’t need to be told
Yet here you are battling against one with cold blood
Forget dirt naps; I’ll tuck you in the mud
Better yet quick a coffin made of quick sand
I won’t even mummify you before burying you in land
That ritual was saved for the pharaohs
Not worthy for Rican sparrows
Sparrows breed in colonies so loose
Much like Ricans with their procreative abuse
So why don’t you head back to Luquillo Beach
Maybe the gnats there’ll believe what you preach.

I get more and more concerned with the education, provided by your nation/
Still trying to figure out where you are obtaining all of your lyrical information/
Evidently what they teach you is amongst the worst, if not THE WORST/
Because something I never said and any SMART person knows is that America’s flag was present first/
The Taino’s were the smallest, yet STILL the smartest, the Egyptians?.. A muck myth/
Columbus needed a colony to conquer, but one on one, could never f*ck with/
It’s like you against me, but it’s something you’ll continue to try to hide/
My country represents The Lion, which makes me King of the Jungle, which you’ll never take my pride/
Forget your ritual, because The Pure Rican is the most spiritual you’ll ever find/
Your people have all the spirit but don’t carry the body with the mind/
Mind-Body-Spirit, now that’s something intelligent/
People listen to me when I preach, even your clients consider you irrelevant/
I know all about my history, how about you?.. Arabian vieja(holmgirl, lol)/
Give you new life, raise you up, shout out ÑETA!/
My raps are fluent, tongue movin’ hotter and faster than a dyke/
Only thing abusing here is me on you, with the mic’/
Time to get to work, time to get even more live/
You stay at your dry beach n’ I’ll stay at mine, you’ll be dead soon enough, mine has life, I’ll survive.

10/6/2015 8:41:54 AM
Bro, you said America reps your colors, red, white, and blue
But with PR, that choice of colors has nothing to do.
You ain’t no lion or jungle king
More like a side clown in a circus ring
Clowning on reality, distorting present and past
Boasting about a bunch of outcasts.
Your own Mr. Pun says only that Ricans are known for slashing
Yet you chose the greatest on the planet on which to start bashing?
Keep your knives and unsophisticated warfare
While I’m dropping poetic bombs without a care.
King of the jungle? More like a mouse.
Go swim with the other fish, homie, this is my HOUSE!

You have me, DYING. You’re actually NICE!……..
Hold up though, this ain’t a time to be nice, you diss me, you pay a price../
See, at least my rhymes are in line, yours – out of whack, not in order/
Not even logical, didn’t know fish swam in houses, the Taino’s taught me they swam in water/
See, this is what I’m talking about, the difference between mine and your knowledge/
Your knowledge is worthy of a 3rd grader, you would think that an Attorney at least graduated college/
Not only tactical with weapons, my tiny island is known for producing many FIGHTING champions/
One hit, one lyric, ko, slipped you an ambien/
Present or past, real talk here, forget distortion/
Egyptians, Arabia, next on the list for The Pure Rican’s mission of extortion/ Your claim your culture is so big, popular, diss my colors and try to brag/
Look at the difference in size of our nations, everyone knows my colors but how about the colors of your flag??

10/6/2015 10:20:48 AM
Turn on the history channel, or if you can, read a book
You’ll see nothing on your people; just take a look.
Among the wonders of the world, the Pyramids of Giza
I should charge you for this knowledge, I accept Visa.
Are any of Rico’s rulers known by the masses?
No. No one gives a damn about their bitch asses.
Of absolutely no significance whatsoever
Yet you spitting false nonsense like you clever
Your nose is ever growing, Puertonocchio
Your nuts tied like a bull in my rodeo.
Spasming a lot, wildly out of control
Digging yourself deeper into the hole
Puerto Ricans have left no lasting impression
Their land still suffering a great depression
There, on the street dirty chickens roam free
That’s what you’re selling as great, homie?
Listen here, chicken McNugget,
In this rap battle, I am more rugged.
I’ll turn you into my slave and whip you into submission,
Override your plans for an extortion mission.
I’ll take away your ego, machismo, and pride,
And we’ll soon update the last time you cried!
I’ll lick the salty tears off your sad little face,
And hop back on my throne as the ace.

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