Epic Rap Battles of Online Dating: Surrender

Posted by Princess MoMo on Feb 9 in Online dating, rap battle

2/7/2016 2:12:39 AM
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Your rap is copying the fresh prince song. I can do much better than that. Yo my name is Chris, I have to go piss, I’m in grad school because I’m looking for a tool to become successful, I’m in marketing but like farting, I want to meet someone new to get to know you!


2/7/2016 7:21:33 AM
Chris, that rap was rubbish, trash, belongs in a landfill
I didn’t copy the song, the words are about me, not Will
Your short message contains two bathroom references
That’s gross, unbecoming, unsatisfying my preferences
Consider your audience and write to their taste
Otherwise, you’re polluting my inbox with waste.

2/7/2016 11:36:36 AM
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Wow you are impressive lol I can’t beat t

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