Shout out to Traitor Jo’s Friends…

Stuck in my business like in a dope fiend’s arm, a needle
Thought by now you’d have overdosed, too much MoMo’s lethal
You’re toxic and shitty, matter of a fact, you’re not friends, you’re fecal
Bet you’ve been refreshing my site, searching for some more, a saucy sequel
You can’t get enough of this rhyming princess, rough, yet regal
Are you boys unbearably bored or your minds just flagrantly feeble?
Craven creatures and unwiley weasels
Living inside you’s the devil, internally resident evil
Stop throwing shade, you wanna battle? We could do it medieval
Come to my torture chamber, I’ll chop you up, then take your remains and eat ’em
Just playin’…But to my Chihuahuas, I might eventually feed ’em
Or maybe just watch the demons drip out of you bleedin’
Or with my heels, stomp on your throat ’til you’re not breathin’
For what, though? So you’ll shut your running mouths; that’s the reason
I hear what say, cuz Traitor Jo’s boys all about that treason
Non-stop informational flow, frequently leakin’
Like middle school girls, gossip excreting
Yet it’s like over “who’s got the biggest dick” you’re competing
I’ll settle it, it’s me, all over you I’m proverbially skeeting
Got something else to say? We can set up a meet and greeting…

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