Young Covid

Posted by Princess MoMo on Mar 13 in Miscellaneous

I’m Young Covid
When you see me,
Stock up on TP.
I cripple the world with fear,
Like the end is near.
Can’t contain my spread,
Ya’ll on ya knees; pandemic head.
Coming, unsanitary, without warning,
Despite your sanitizer hoarding.
Wear a mask or not,
You’re still gonna get got.

I started out in China
Now I’m fuckin’ worldwide vagina
From Australia to North Carolina
I’m the new gospel spreading like the Messiah

Fuck Trump’s late travel ban
I’m everywhere; Uruguay to Japan
Eventually infecting every woman and man
No one can stop me; not even Superman
I’m increasing, decreasing your lifespan
Acting all alone, no flu-tang clan
Decimated the government of Iran
Checkmate on your game plan
Populations going nuts, pecan
Y’all fruit loops, toucan Sam
Mentally unhealthy melting like a summer situated snowman
Got your attention despite your short attention span
Throw out your hopes into a garbage can.

Young Covid, new on the scene
I’m patented, unpristine, can’t cleanse me, not even Mr. Clean
Catastrophic conflagrating, like volcano produced benzene
Canceling anywhere you could convene
I’m cocky, open wide for this corona cuisine
Serving you, stimulating like caffeine
Economies struggling, hung like when Clinton came for Epstein
Halting your supposed well oiled machine
Stock market crushed like the standard shattered iPhone screen
You’re not immune with your attempts at hygiene
I’m shitting on you all like you’re my latrine

Infecting you with the viral lyrics that I spit
Unlike MC Hammer, you Will touch this, too legit to quit
Your retirement account took a Tyson level hit
Burning you all, can’t stop it with an oven mitt
Contagion collectively commuting on your transit
Clutch that cross, congregate, and transmit
I’m made in China, but not counterfeit

Got you irrationally rationing your supplies
Rumors circulating like clouds in the skies
Conspiracy theories, unsubstantiated lies
Spreading like a popular prostitute’s thighs
No protection, uninhibited, wet like you’ve just been baptized
Multiplying exponentially as I fertilize
My destructive disease dick is erect, up like the east’s sunrise
Ready to ruin your election, October surprise
Humiliating human health, corona cheers to your demise
Debilitating your ability to fraternize
No cure, not even from a winner of the Nobel prize
I specialize in proliferating when you socialize
I paralyze by causing you to ostracize
No proper direction nothing formalized
Unstable, systemically causing your systems to be compromised
Disconnecting your connectedness more than you realized
Maniacal mayhem but is it justified?

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