Young Covid – Part II

Posted by Princess MoMo on Aug 14 in Miscellaneous

Went viral in March, made you shelter in place
Had you relegated to your cellphone and cyberspace
Deemed you nonessential,
Put you in crisis, beyond existential
Turned commercial into residential
No more parties, solitary confinement is preferential
Don’t touch the surface, because it has
infectious potential
Stacking up cases, super sequential
Underestimated my potency and my potential
Thought I was seasonal; yet I’m year round quintessential
Crunch the numbers, country by country differential
Doesn’t matter, I’m banking on your life harder than Prudential

Second wave, I’m still on the first surge
14 days to bend the curve, but I consistently emerge
Come out on top, sounding off sirens, like the purge
Killing you softly, Fugees Lauryn Hill
Filling bodies in cemeteries, like trash in a Jersey landfill
Disregarding your life, while the feds issuing trillions of treasury bills
Insanely printing money, Mnuchin mentally ill
Making you anxious, with the fear I instill
Can’t figure me out, like an unplanned fire drill
Attire on fleek, cuz I’m dressed to kill

Schools staying shut, education on pause
Gifting you sickness, deathly Santa Claus
Quite the performance, you owe me applause
Governors constantly changing the laws
I’m coming for you and your grandmas

Phase one, two, Covid’s coming for you
Three, four, virus still at your door
Closing reopening, new cases galore
Drowning Pool, let the bodies hit the floor
Rich gettin’ richer, inspiring class war
Looting and riots, not limited to Baltimore
Seattle CHAZ shithole, lookin’ like a canker sore
Portland, deplorable, like rotten albacore
Fish out of water, floated ashore
Corona inventory unlimited, got plenty in store

Got you hooked, like you’re on phonics
Corona count causing histrionics
Memorable, no mnemonics
2020, soiled, no hydroponics
Breaking the earth, call it tectonics
Reproducing, developing beyond embryonic
Faster than that hedgehog, I’m supersonic
You call me so many names, telephonic
Covid, corona, wuhan flu, demonic
Circling around you, straight up cyclonic
Dominating news cycles, I’m so iconic
Explosive, atomic, more far reaching than the bubonic
Unforgettable, no escape even in gin mixed with chronic

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