Potential Roommate

Posted by Princess MoMo on Feb 20 in Craigslist, Miscellaneous

Someone I know is looking for a roommate.  A potential tenant responded with a ridiculous set of questions. My opinion was that the reply should be equally ridiculous. The questions are below. Buncha questions that I am curious about How is cabinet/fridge space handled? How are house chores shared? What are the house rules about […]

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McDonald’s Drive Thru

Posted by Princess MoMo on Feb 12 in Adventures of Princess MoMo, Customer Service, Dating, Epic fails

I love McDonald’s.  In particular, I love the new Buffalo Ranch McChicken sandwich.  There’s just something about buffalo sauce that delights my oral kingdom.  Once upon a time (around November or December of 2013), I was driving home from the mall when the urge to order one of these delectable sandwiches struck me.  Luckily, there […]

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