Mr. Trash Can (March 24, 2011 dissection Part I)

Click here to read how we met. Click here to read about our second encounter. I met Mr. Trash Can on April 13, 2011.  Overall, our first date was enjoyable.  He’s attractive, intelligent and a decent conversationalist.  At one point, the conversation shifted to politics.  It stayed there for a bit until he said, “I […]

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MoMoLand Welcomes a New Character: Mr. T

Background Last weekend (10/15), I was auctioned off for a date to benefit breast cancer awareness. Mr. T bid on me, but he stopped bidding at a fairly low amount (fewer than $40). Someone else had the good fortune of winning me. After the auction, I ran into Mr. T towards the back of the […]


Flannel Should Have Been a Blowjob

Posted by Princess MoMo on Sep 13 in Facebook, Flannel SUCKS!, Princess MoMo's Friends

Male Friend (re: MoMo’s Zebra print Onesies): the PJs are ok. i can’t say i like them because you make fun of plaid shirts and i have a few. Princess MoMo: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Say it ain’t so!!!! BURN THEM IMMEDIATELY!!!! Friend: get out of here. Princess MoMo: Stop fucking playing. You need to dispose of those […]

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