The Breakup

  We had been together six long years.    The union began in 2006 when I was just a college girl.  I was young and unassuming then, blinded by material things and the prospect of having a Sidekick.   I wasn’t quite ready to break things off with the previous one though.  For some time, I […]

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Late Night Phone Calls: Geographic Constraints

Posted by Princess MoMo on Apr 19 in Late Night Phone Calls

Princess MoMo: Damnit Phil. I was really hoping you’d accept this friend request earlier. I wanted to drunk dial you this past weekend and I thought your number may be on your profile, which incidentally it is! Boo. Phil: lol, feel free to drunk dial it whenever! Princess MoMo: If only it were that easy Phil. You see, […]

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