The Breakup

  We had been together six long years.    The union began in 2006 when I was just a college girl.  I was young and unassuming then, blinded by material things and the prospect of having a Sidekick.   I wasn’t quite ready to break things off with the previous one though.  For some time, I […]

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How Princess MoMo and Red-Headed Blog Wizard Shifty Met

Posted by Princess MoMo on May 2 in Men, Online dating, Princess MoMo's Friends, Tech

While Princess MoMo is the content master of this blog, the technical wizardry is handled by computer guru Shifty.  You may be wondering how these two individuals met.  It is also possible that you’re not at all wondering that.  Irrespective of your wondering status, here is the tale of how a beautiful union between prolific […]

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Princess MoMo gets a QR Code

Posted by shifty on Apr 19 in Device, Tech
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