Mr. Trash Can (March 24, 2011 dissection Part I)

Click here to read how we met. Click here to read about our second encounter. I met Mr. Trash Can on April 13, 2011.  Overall, our first date was enjoyable.  He’s attractive, intelligent and a decent conversationalist.  At one point, the conversation shifted to politics.  It stayed there for a bit until he said, “I […]

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Date Dissection 12/30/11 – Mr. Lamborghini (Third Date – MoMo’s Version Part I)

Below is Part I of my version of date three with Mr. Lambo.  He provided “Editor’s Notes” (renamed “Lambo’s Notes” because, technically, I’m still the Editor).  Those notes are highlighted in blue. Enjoy!   He picked me up (again, in the Eclipse) around 6:40 p.m.   By that time, my red blood was well mixed […]

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Twelve Encounters with Mr. Car

To read about Mr. Car Part I, click here. Date One 9/3 Brief recap of Mr. Car Part I: He lives locally. We met at Friday’s because there’s nothing else to do out here in the woods. Upon first glance of this specimen, I determined he was too skinny for me to take interest. About […]

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MoMoLand Welcomes a New Character: Mr. T

Background Last weekend (10/15), I was auctioned off for a date to benefit breast cancer awareness. Mr. T bid on me, but he stopped bidding at a fairly low amount (fewer than $40). Someone else had the good fortune of winning me. After the auction, I ran into Mr. T towards the back of the […]