Princess MoMo’s Valentine’s Day Advice

Posted by Princess MoMo on Feb 13 in Dating, Dating Advice, gchat, Princess MoMo's Friends

Male Friend:  You there Princess?   MoMo:  sup    Male Friend:  I have a dating question I have plans with [Girl] tomorrow for V-Day but I’m bored with her and will probably be ending it shortly My question is, should I break it off today and note keep the facade going through V-Day thus cancelling […]

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Sour MoMo (Gchat with Mr. Car)

Posted by Princess MoMo on Oct 22 in Dating, gchat, Men, MoMo's Musings, Princess MoMo Speak

Mr. Car: I had such bad sleep last night Princess MoMo: dreaming of disco? Mr. Car: actually the night turned differently than expected Princess MoMo: how so Mr. Car: well, there was fun involved dancing and drinking Princess MoMo: cool Mr. Car: yes, and the lovely company of a 47yr old woman haha Princess MoMo: […]

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Conversation re: Mr. Plane

Posted by Princess MoMo on Sep 21 in Dating, Device, gchat, Men, Mr. Plane, Princess MoMo's Friends

Conversation between P-Mo and her cyber bff re: Mr. Plane: Cyber bff: I’ve decided that it is slightly suspicious to have a farm and not have any animals. Not even a couple of dogs? Princess MoMo: So do you think he’s disguising burial grounds for his female specimen victims as a farm? Cyber bff: Possibly. […]

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Gchat re: Earthquake

Posted by Princess MoMo on Aug 23 in gchat, Princess MoMo's Friends

MoMo: You didn’t like it? Inar:  it was awesome! i think i’m the only one who knew what was going on made it right to my doorway just like they train you MoMo:  What did you do in the doorway? Inar:  you’re supposed to stand in doorways so ceiling shit doesn’t fall and crush you […]

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Gchats: Apparently Colorado has the best man inventory

Posted by Princess MoMo on Jul 12 in Dating, gchat, Men, Princess MoMo's Friends

  MoMo: how are the men?  Jen:  men? Where? haha  MoMo: haha tell me about it…  Jen:  I managed to hook up with my friend’s brother, the best man at his wedding which was just great I’m such a cliche haha He was really my ideal kind of guy and we emailed for a few weeks but he lives […]

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Gchat: Evil Female Specimen Ploys

Posted by Princess MoMo on May 17 in gchat, Princess MoMo's Friends

April 4, 2011 me: he apologized for the “inconvenience” did your girl do the same? Inar: yes me: she did? Inar: at least…but it didnt leave me satisfied yes me: haha hilarious sorry ass saturday hook ups Inar: i know i mean i thought maybe i was just drunk sat night but then we tried […]

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Gchat: Princess MoMo seeks hobbies and eats cereal

Posted by Princess MoMo on Apr 24 in gchat, Princess MoMo Speak

Bob: i always thought you were the slapper not the slappee me: even the best of us need to be slapped back to our senses sometimes 2:45 PM Bob: an almost humble statement from Princess MoMo i’m in shock 2:47 PM me: one shock after another for you over there 2:48 PM Bob: its a good thing i’m young otherwise […]

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Gchat: Princess MoMo getting on a guestlist

Posted by Princess MoMo on Apr 23 in gchat, Princess MoMo Speak

me: what events are you doing this weekend Bob: lima friday panache sat. though friday i may end up taking off cuz i have to go to the bank sat. morning @ 8 11:49 PM me: what’s panache and what are you doing at lima Bob: we have the new 3rd floor for ourselves me: so […]

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Gchat: Princess Paparazzi

Posted by Princess MoMo on Apr 19 in Epic fails, gchat, Men

Getbetter: tell me more fun stuff from your bday 7:10 PM A.R.: we had a bunch of mexicans at the pre-party doing the macarena and serenading us 7:15 PM A.R.: if you’d like to witness it, Princess has videos 7:17 PM Getbetter: oh my Princess, i bet she does and i bet she posted each […]

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Late Night Gchat

Posted by Princess MoMo on Apr 19 in Dating, gchat, Men

12:31 AM me: Hey 12:32 AM dilip: What’s up? 12:35 AM me: I’m at josephines 12:36 AM Thought I should tell you in the event that you show up So that there is no awkward tension 12:37 AM dilip: What shuld I do then, all my frienmds are goin ther me: Come 12:38 AM I […]

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Gchat: Dating Bailout

Posted by Princess MoMo on Apr 19 in Dating, gchat

j: if these girls knew hot tall smart guys why wouldnt they keep them for themselves? me: how many do they need? i only want one not a dozen so they shouldn’t be greedy either j: maybe obama can tax them on their men so that they have to give one up redistribution of men […]

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Gchat: Ms. Ed

Posted by Princess MoMo on Apr 19 in Epic fails, gchat

8:25 PM Bob: and how is the love of my life? me: tired 8:26 PM Bob: poor baby me: can’t you become a super billionaire and marry me? 8:27 PM Bob: i’m working on bebe *on it 8:28 PM me: hurry Bob: gonna take a lil time i’m not a GW prince or jr. oil baron i have to […]

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Gchat: Accounting for MoMo’s men

Posted by Princess MoMo on Apr 19 in gchat

Janet: ooh is this a new boy? 2:54 PM me: yes a new one Janet: :) the one from your fb post? w/ the excellent response? me: what posts? no this one is from real life Janet: :) nice me: umm well, no there are some complications Janet: :( what? me: i.e. coworker 2:55 PM Janet: interesting […]

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