23er - A prime-aged specimen.

ADAM - Captain Average Dull And Mundane

Advisory Board - A group of friends with which one confers to gauge one's perception of reality.

bullshitary - Complete and utter bullshit.

Device - A reference to a Smart Phone.
Example: I keep my device on silent so that I don't have an aneurysm from all of the noises and vibrations it would otherwise make.

Dial pad - To call someone from a cellular device.
Example: And your number? I will dial pad it.

DICK - Captain Devil in Camouflage Khakis

Extracyber - Outside of cyber space.

Garden of MoMo - Princess MoMo's backyard

Goose - Princess MoMo's favorite beverage of the alcoholic variety.

huahuas - Princess MoMo's chihuahuas

JIM - Captain Just Intentionally Mind-fucking

Oral Kingdom - A reference to the orifice between Princess MoMo's chin and nose, otherwise known as her mouth.

Peopletalk - Another term for small talk.
Example: Person 1: How are you? Person 2: Oh, I'm don't bother listening to the string of meaningless crap I'm about to tell you about my life because obviously you don't give a damn but I'm going to spew this nonsense anyway because I'm making peopletalk.

Pink Magic - Princess MoMo's pink camera

SAL - Captain Sucks At Life

Specimen - Refers to a male or a female currently or formerly of dating/hook up interest. The term interest is used extremely loosely in this definition. Example: This specimen is hot, but dumb as rocks.

Super Annoyer - A relentless specimen that will pursue his/her prey in perpetuity despite clear communication from the prey that the prey is uninterested.

Textomasochist - Someone who obtains pleasure from receiving punishment in the form of written word.  Such punishment may be dispensed via, including but not limited to, text message, email, and social media webiste.

Thanks for the trash -

An expression used to show false gratitude for something that sucks.  Abbreviated TFTT.

Waiting out - Waiting on someone or something to arrive or to do something. Example: I've been waiting out on this customer service individual to answer the phone for 85 minutes now. Damn, I hate waiting out.

What-the-fuck-o’meter - An internal system that registers the level of "what the fuck" a situation or person causes one's brain to experience.

Whateverf - An abbreviated version of "whatever the fuck."

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