Strong Hands

Posted by Princess MoMo on Aug 22 in Dating, Epic fails

I am curious as to what he wants to ask.  Does he want to put my hands to use building something?

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Ashley Madison Leak: Is Ignorance Bliss?

Posted by Princess MoMo on Aug 20 in Dating, Dating Advice, Miscellaneous

Hell hath no fury like a hacker scorned. One such hacker or group of hackers epically unleashed this fury by obtaining the personal information of a multitude of users of the infidelity-promoting dating site Ashley Madison. Do I personally have any sympathy for those exposed? Nope. None. Zero. Initially, a little part of me like […]

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Dating: Too many toothpastes

Posted by Princess MoMo on Aug 19 in Dating, Dating Advice, Dentist, Epic fails, Men, Miscellaneous

It’s 7 a.m. (Ok, it’s really 7:14 a.m. because it took you 14 minutes to get out of bed and into the bathroom to get ready for work.) So, it’s 7:14 a.m. You rub the sleep out of your eyes while reaching for your pink toothbrush.   The oral kingdom needs to be cleaned! To your disappointment, […]

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