The Meaning of Life

Posted by Princess MoMo on Mar 25 in Adventures of Princess MoMo, Miscellaneous, MoMo's mind, MoMo's Musings

Imagine this scenario:  You are an adult occupying the “real world” sphere.  It’s whatever o’clock a.m. and an ever annoying sound assaults your ears.  Your state of deep sleep is disrupted and you nearly jump out of your skin.  You’ve barely succumbed to the forced consciousness as you reach for the source of the auditory […]

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Mr. Super Annoyer (Updated 3-5-13)

Posted by Princess MoMo on Mar 5 in Epic fails, Online dating

Well, it’s been over three and a half years since I’ve communicated with this guy, yet he doesn’t see that as a reason to stop sending me messages.  For the backstory, click here.   It appears that he will never let up.  He is now pleading for my friendship just two days after he wrote that […]

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