Online Dating Fails: Booze

Posted by Princess MoMo on Apr 23 in Men, Online dating

Guy: Well you definately tell it how it is which you should no one wans to waste time and we are all looking for somthing so i hope my pics pass your long and hard judgement lol im 29 from staten island i worked as a trader for last 9 yrs and about 6 months ago opened my own alcohol company which i now run in 3 states so im just seing if we can chat and see how it goes?

Princess: I was going to write you off on account of “definately,” “wans” and “somthing.” But then you mentioned your career change. Tell me about this alcohol company of yours.

Guy: ha i do apoligize but i wrote it on my phone and the keys are very small and hands very big its not easy with blackberry keyboards give me some slack lol if you want we can talk on im?

Princess: No im. I want to know about the alcohol company in a message like this.

Guy: well the name of my company is [REDACTED]  im on facebook and my website is that name [REDACTED].com it explains what i do and what we offer

Guy: So you dont wanna know anything about me just my booze lol

Princess: That sounds about right.

Guy: wow ok i guess

(One days passes)

Guy: did you at least go on fb and like my page lol?

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One Response to “Online Dating Fails: Booze”

  1. LoL that guy writes a lot of lols lol that’s funny lol