Guest Submission (Online Dating Fails) + MoMo Analysis

Posted by Princess MoMo on Oct 31 in Epic fails, Grammar, Guest Submissions, Men, Online dating, Princess MoMo's Friends

Today’s online dating fail is courtesy of a friend of mine. She received the message below on PlentyofFish: hello my name is erik and i am 33 and a christain how about you u single have kids u drive i live in sicklerville with my mom and step dad i hope thats ok with you […]

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Twelve Encounters with Mr. Car

To read about Mr. Car Part I, click here. Date One 9/3 Brief recap of Mr. Car Part I: He lives locally. We met at Friday’s because there’s nothing else to do out here in the woods. Upon first glance of this specimen, I determined he was too skinny for me to take interest. About […]

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Girl Talk re: Mr. T (10/26)

Posted by Princess MoMo on Oct 29 in Dating, Dating Advice, Men, Princess MoMo's Friends

Cyber BFF: so, are you digging Mr. T? 6’5″? really? MoMo: Yes, I’m digging him. Particularly on a banter and primal level. And, yes, he’s 6’5″ Cyber BFF: do you possess photos of this person? MoMo: yeah [provides link to his facebook page] I don’t find him particularly hot But I’m attracted to him Pheromones […]

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Guest Submission: Mr. T writes about “Meeting MoMo”

Posted by Princess MoMo on Oct 28 in Adventures of Princess MoMo, Dating, Guest Submissions, Men

[Editor’s Note: Mr. T kindly agreed to submit his point of view on how we met. To read MoMo’s  perspective, click here.]   Meeting Momo By: Mr. T   My Saturday was coming together nicely. I’m getting my swerve on in Hoboken, attending a charity event for breast cancer. Dates with beautiful girls are up […]

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Online Dating Fails: Clueless…

Posted by Princess MoMo on Oct 27 in Epic fails, Men, Online dating

9/3/2011 1:44:41 PM Specimen: how are you :) so what are you looking for on here? I’m originally from flemington and moved to bridgewater. 9/3/2011 2:28:17 PM MoMo: I’m not sure anymore. 9/3/2011 2:32:14 PM Specimen: let me guess. u got screwed over in your last relationship? I know exactlyyyy how you feel 9/3/2011 2:35:30 […]

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Date Dissection 10/22 (Mr. T)

Posted by Princess MoMo on Oct 26 in Adventures of Princess MoMo, Dating, Men, Texts, Texts from this Morning

Click here to read the Mr. T Intro   Last time we left off, Mr. T had suggested an activity involving horses (get your mind out of the gutter, you sickos). I vetoed anything horse-related. The next day, he texted me with a substitute idea. The Text Exchange Mr. T: It’s a lovely day to […]

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MoMoLand Welcomes a New Character: Mr. T

Background Last weekend (10/15), I was auctioned off for a date to benefit breast cancer awareness. Mr. T bid on me, but he stopped bidding at a fairly low amount (fewer than $40). Someone else had the good fortune of winning me. After the auction, I ran into Mr. T towards the back of the […]


Sour MoMo (Gchat with Mr. Car)

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Mr. Car: I had such bad sleep last night Princess MoMo: dreaming of disco? Mr. Car: actually the night turned differently than expected Princess MoMo: how so Mr. Car: well, there was fun involved dancing and drinking Princess MoMo: cool Mr. Car: yes, and the lovely company of a 47yr old woman haha Princess MoMo: […]

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Turbulence: Mr. Plane the Finale

Posted by Princess MoMo on Oct 21 in Adventures of Princess MoMo, Dating, Men, Mr. Plane, Online dating

Brief overview of relations with Mr. Plane:  A day after speaking to him on the phone for the first time, he led me on a surprise adventure to Martha’s Vineyard for the weekend.  (He owns a plane.)  Later that week we went to dinner in the beautiful Garden State, New Jersey.  And at the end […]

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Date Dissection 10/15/11

Posted by Princess MoMo on Oct 19 in Adventures of Princess MoMo, Dating, Epic fails, Men, Online dating

Background To review the initial online dating website message exchange, click here. His first call to me was on a Tuesday night. We spoke for quite a while. When it was well beyond my bedtime (which is fairly early on week nights – yeah, I’m lame), I said (not verbatim), “Well, I guess we’ll talk […]

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Online Dating: Can you guess how the date following these messages went?

Posted by Princess MoMo on Oct 19 in Men, Online dating

Editor’s Note: I went out on a first and last date with this guy.  The write-up of that date is coming soon to a blog near you… Specimen’s opening message: I find it ironic that you refer to your potential suitors as “buyers” then warn others against messaging you if they have “engaged the services […]

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Online Dating Fails: Favor

Posted by Princess MoMo on Oct 18 in Epic fails, Grammar, Men, Online dating

Specimen: Subject line: can you do me a favor? ? I really need a favor if you can help me that would be great. by the way what are you up to these days   MoMo: Who is this? What’s the favor?   Specimen: can I tear you up tonight   MoMo: Only if you […]

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Online Dating Fails: I cannot suppress my inner Grammar Nazi

Posted by Princess MoMo on Oct 17 in Epic fails, Grammar, Men, Online dating

Specimen: Other then being extremely entertained by your Profile, I have to ask for more…. as far as my background check goes. I have a Top Secret clearance from the Military, So I hope that will Suffice. If you need other proof of my credentials I would be glad to show you but I am sure […]

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Online Dating Fails: Let’s be friends

Posted by Princess MoMo on Oct 13 in Epic fails, Men, Online dating

Specimen: Hi, how are you, my name is Randy nice to meet you, just came across your profile, I have to say you that look great on your pictures and I would love to get to know you even if it means as friends :) So, if I may ask how was your weekend ;) […]

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Online Dating: Heed mama’s warning

Posted by Princess MoMo on Oct 12 in Men, Online dating

Mama’s Boy: lol, you look absolutely adorable…. HOWEVER i get the vibe you are also the girl mama warned about :P Analysis: His vibe is well-warranted. Luckily, I did not respond. Why? He lives in Illinois. I live in New Jersey. The distance between those two states does not make for a logistically simple relationship. […]

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