Gchat: Princess MoMo getting on a guestlist

Posted by Princess MoMo on Apr 23 in gchat, Princess MoMo Speak

me: what events are you doing this weekend

Bob: lima friday

panache sat.

though friday i may end up taking off

cuz i have to go to the bank sat. morning @ 8

11:49 PM me: what’s panache

and what are you doing at lima

Bob: we have the new 3rd floor for ourselves

me: so what are you doing on it

Bob: partying

our friend’s DJing

table deals

i mean we can do whatever we want there

11:50 PM me: ok

i may show up

Bob: so for now, it’s just a party

me: do i need to be on your list

Bob: yeah

me: why

i’m me

Bob: i’ll put you on plus 5

me: i should just be able to show up

why do i have to be on it???

Bob: so i look good

me: fine

what’s panache or whatever

Bob: panache is the first place we started promoting

11:51 PM its a lil lounge near current on desales

right next to the mayflower

me: does it suck

Bob: depends

me: and what are you doing there

what does it depend on

Bob: its our club party for our non club folks

what you want

i mean its not as pretentious as most DC spots

no real dress code, but people show up looking nice

11:52 PM its halfway b/w a dive and a lounge

so it’s a fun chill night

but not rockstar drama shit

me: worth my time?

11:53 PM Bob: i don’t think anyone or anything’s worth your time

it just depends on what you want to do

me: ??

11:54 PM Bob: well do you want a chill fun night

or do you want to go all out and crazy

me: the latter

11:55 PM Bob: you can go nuts at panache

but like i said, not the typical DC scene

11:56 PM me: i don’t know about this

no time limit on lima right?

11:57 PM Bob: nope

11:58 PM just send me an email to remind me

[REDACTED email address]

11:59 PM me: no

remember it

Princess +5

how hard is that

12:00 AM Bob: quite the demanding one aren’t we?

and just when i thought you were starting to play nice

12:01 AM me: just forget it then

i don’t need to be hassled

Bob: jeez

you’re like a hurricane

12:02 AM all one direction, then all the other

i just sent myself a reminder to put you on, perhaps you will grace us commoners with your presence

well, them commoners

i am a king

12:04 AM me: i play nice when my demands are met
if you start bullshitting me, no more ms. nice Princess

Bob: let’s keep it nice princess momo

you’re far more fun at that point

12:05 AM me: fine

just don’t ask me to do ridiculous things

12:06 AM Bob: sending me an email is ridiculous?

me: yes given the circumstances

12:07 AM Bob: elaborate please

me: 1. i shouldn’t even need to be on a list

Bob: it’s our 2nd friday there

me: 2. i already asked you here – email is redundant and unnecessary – it’s not like you’re putting names – just mine plus a number

Bob: even i have to be on the list

12:08 AM me: you and your bullshit

just like you couldn’t let me up at current

and i was up before you responded to the text

Bob: the name thing was me messing with you

and if you recall, you got up before me

me: i know that’s why i’m saying you bullshit me

you tell me i can’t do things that clearly i can

12:09 AM Bob: how is it bullshitting when i can’t do them but magically you can

me: and that i need to be on lists when i don’t

you want to play mind games

jedi mind tricks

Bob: the list is also mostly for me

12:10 AM from philly i know

you’re a hot broad who hangs out with me

of course i want some sort of written evidence of that

shit, you and her

that’s 2

12:11 AM me: then you should remember it on your own

you shouldn’t expect us to grace you with our presence and to remind thereof

that’s the bullshit part

Bob: perhaps, but i like having my ego catered to as well

12:16 AM me: yes but i cannot do it all of the time

i have my limits

and my patience is low

12:18 AM Bob: touche

but i’m me

me: i know you’re you

12:19 AM that’s why i tolerate you

Bob: and i think you enjoy having me around



me: that’s me being nice

don’t misconstrue it

Bob: oh really?

me: :)

i meant it in a nice way

12:20 AM Bob: i’m sure you do beautiful

me: you see, i try to be calm and nice everyday

but then everyone ruins it

one stupid fuck after another

12:21 AM so by the end of each night, i am spent and exhausted from a day’s worth of retardation

then i cannot sleep at night

so i’m tired the next day

but i still have to deal with idiots

it’s nonstop

Bob: just do what i do

bill them for your brilliance and company

me: drink?

Bob: that too



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