Guest Entry: Bill’s Rendition of the Elevator Story from Mr. Hong Kong Part I (Pink Vegas Monkey)

Mr Monkey (my interpretation of the cheese story) – written by “Bill”
(To read the MoMo version, click here.)

With  drinks in our hands, we are now walking towards the elevators. I don’t think we even realize that we left our hotel room, we are just making our way down the hallway, wherever our legs take us for the night, drinking straight-up shots and dancing in circles.

Elevator doors open. Some assbags are just standing there inside. We enter, except the door starts closing and none of the assbags reach for the “Open“ button. Momo saves the day and sticks her hand in between the doors last second, the doors open back up again. She is pissssssed. She walks in and I’m just waiting for it. Is she just going to tear them to shreds slowly or all at once? Is she going to start with their hair and shoes and work her way down to their friends, families and pets, destroying everything that they think is cool in their lives? Put them in their place and reduce them to dust?

I know her and I know that she doesn’t even know where to start, because she can become their nightmare for hours when she opens her mouth.

Instead, she just says: “where are you guys from?”
Assbags:“uuuuummmmm…. Wisconsin” (assbags, you asked for it)
A little come back here please, somebody……….
More silence
Come on Assbags, say something, defend yourself!
Second floor
More silence
I was going to just ignore them at this point and start another conversation but this was too amusing. We are all now just quietly staring at them, waiting for some kind of a comeback. Nothing.
First floor
Doors open, we walk out, they are still standing there in the same spot, dumbfounded.

She calls herself Momo, Asians call her Mimo, alcoholics call her Momosa, cops call her PooppooOnpopo, that’s just the way the cookie crumbles!

We tossed our plastic cups somewhere random who knows where in the casino, pulled out the “backup” road drinks out of our pockets (its too expensive but more importantly too time-consuming to try to get drunk at the club ), and without loosing a step, off into the  night we go………..”

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