Princess MoMo’s Valentine’s Day Advice

Posted by Princess MoMo on Feb 13 in Dating, Dating Advice, gchat, Princess MoMo's Friends

Male Friend:  You there Princess?


MoMo:  sup


 Male Friend:  I have a dating question

I have plans with [Girl] tomorrow for V-Day

but I’m bored with her

and will probably be ending it shortly

My question is, should I break it off today and note keep the facade going through V-Day

thus cancelling our plans

or should I wait until after


MoMo:  Wait until after

Many females dig v-day

If you break it off today, she’ll see all of the fb posts and pics about v-day and potentially be sad

maybe just send her flowers with this poem:

“Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

These are for Vday,

But, tomorrow we’re through.”


Male Friend:  hahaha

If only I was as mean as you


MoMo:  I’m not mean…I’m creative and honest


 Male Friend:  You’re all three!


MoMo:  No, I’m not mean

Being honest doesn’t qualify as being mean

Just because the truth may hurt, doesn’t mean the dispenser of it is a mean princess


 Male Friend:  You don’t have to deliver the honesty with a joking poem


MoMo:  ok…then send her flowers with this note:

“Hey, you’re dull and boring, but I felt bad breaking up with you before v-day and momo suggested that I wait. So, here are some pity flowers.  Don’t bother contacting me again.”

Is that nicer?

You see, the poem takes the edge off


Male Friend:  hahaha

It does take the edge off

I’d be more ready to argue if I had something better in my head to say to her

I need to think about it


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