Mr. Rx Part VI – (Date Two (Part Two) MoMo’s Version)

Posted by Princess MoMo on Aug 1 in Dating

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(This is a continuation of date two with Mr. Rx.  For the first part of date two, read Mr. Rx Part V.)

As we approached the bar at Unos, we noticed that there were only two empty seats.  However, the seats were not immediately next to one another; there was a 70-something year old, black man who looked like he was strung out sitting in a seat between the two.  Mr. Rx approached the man while I bought us each a Long Island Iced Tea.  My back was toward Mr. Rx and the man when all of a sudden I heard the man going off on Mr. Rx saying something to the effect of, “Oh, it’s because I’m black, isn’t it?”  I turned around to hear Mr. Rx respond sarcastically, “Yeah, that’s it.”  The man hobbled a few feet away to a woman who looked like a 50-something year old bull-dyke.  He began telling her his tale of woe.  Meanwhile, I asked Mr. Rx what the fuck just happened.  He said that he asked the guy if he would mind moving one seat down so that Mr. Rx and I could sit next to one another and all of a sudden the man got offended.  I assume the man was in an altered state of mind and perceived Mr. Rx as an asshole because he can kind of come off that way.  Regardless, I wasn’t thrilled with the situation or how Mr. Rx handled it.  What if the man had a propensity for violence?


Finally, our vibrator (get your mind out of the gutter) alerted us that a table was ready.  Dinner conversation was decent, but I was too put off by Mr. Rx at this point to be into it.  First, there was the lateness.  Then,  grunting during the scene in Ted.  And finally, there was the incident with the man.  The check came and we split it.  If I’m splitting the bill on a first or second date, that’s a sign from me that I do not plan on seeing you again.


We got into his car (because he had driven us the short distance over from the movie theater lot).  It took me a minute to recall where I had parked the MoMo-mobile.  We circled around a few times, during which he convinced himself that I was intentionally delaying the return to my car.  In fact, it was not at all a delay tactic.  Once we reached my vehicle, I said goodbye.  He asked about a hug or something like that.  I said, “No, nothing.  Not even a high five.”  With that, I stepped out of the car.


Shortly after we parted ways, the following text exchange occurred:

Mr: Rx: I had a good time

Princess MoMo: Don’t forget to send me your write up

Mr. Rx: I’ll send it. Not even a high five tonight huh?

Princess MoMo: Nope. It wasn’t deserved

Mr. Rx: Ouch. Better luck next time I suppose.


I wanted to maintain just enough contact so that he’d send me his narrative of date two.

Texts from the following day:

Mr. Rx: Your heinie looked pretty good yesterday. Lol too soon? Almost done with the story, it’s pretty funny

Princess MoMo: Hope your aspirations for tapping it aren’t too high considering you haven’t achieved the modest high five milestone as of yet.

Mr. Rx: Making me put in work huh?


To Be Continued…


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