Online Dating Fails: Shakespeare had a dream…

Posted by Princess MoMo on Aug 31 in Epic fails, Men, Online dating

Shakespeare Specimen: Subject line: Dreamed about you… Opening Message:  Dreamed about you for so long Didn’t want to wake up this early… Nothing is the same since you’ve gone I should have been over you already… All I do is think about you all day But I know that you forgot about me… And all […]

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Online Dating Fails: Lucky

Posted by Princess MoMo on Aug 30 in Epic fails, Men, Online dating

Specimen’s opening message: Ooooh, Arabic…it would be so taboo dating u Specimen: Ohhh, Christianity :(… Princess MoMo: Luckily, you don’t have to worry about dating me. Specimen: yep, luckily ;) Analysis:  This clown incorrectly presupposed that he was in some way desirable to me.   Moreover, based on a review of his profile and photographs, his arrogance is unfounded. […]

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Princess MoMo’s Daily Vitamins: How She Stays Healthy

Posted by Princess MoMo on Aug 27 in Adventures of Princess MoMo
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Fiesta at Shoprite

Posted by Princess MoMo on Aug 26 in Adventures of Princess MoMo

For some reason, it seems like we’re always in need of milk at the house.  So, I stopped by Shoprite to pick up some.  To my surprise, the parking lot was packed. I thought to myself, “WTF is this bullshit? It’s Thursday night in Bumblefuck, NJ…why is everyone at Shoprite?” Then I remembered that there’s […]

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Lions and Lions and Apes….Oh My!

Posted by Princess MoMo on Aug 25 in Adventures of Princess MoMo, Dating, Men, Online dating

On August 14, 2011, a call from a specimen came through on my device.  I met this specimen through my online dating escapades last year.  Our first date was on Sunday, June 20, 2010.  We met for dinner.  Conversation wasn’t particularly riveting, but I attributed that to us being exhausted from the weekend shenanigans .  […]

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The Breakup

  We had been together six long years.    The union began in 2006 when I was just a college girl.  I was young and unassuming then, blinded by material things and the prospect of having a Sidekick.   I wasn’t quite ready to break things off with the previous one though.  For some time, I […]

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Gchat re: Earthquake

Posted by Princess MoMo on Aug 23 in gchat, Princess MoMo's Friends

MoMo: You didn’t like it? Inar:  it was awesome! i think i’m the only one who knew what was going on made it right to my doorway just like they train you MoMo:  What did you do in the doorway? Inar:  you’re supposed to stand in doorways so ceiling shit doesn’t fall and crush you […]

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Online Dating: Blast from the Past

Posted by Princess MoMo on Aug 22 in Men, Online dating

  Specimen: Hi Monica. How have you been? Have not talked to you in several years. Hope all is well   Princess MoMo: Hi. Please refresh my recollection.   Specimen: We met several years ago when you were studying at Rutgers. We had dinner and continued to talk. We last talked in ’09. I relocated […]

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Craigslist Scams: Beware of these fuckers

Posted by Princess MoMo on Aug 22 in Craigslist

Because I switched wireless carriers, I posted my former device for sale on Craigslist.   Along with serious inquiries, I’m in receipt of many “phishing” ones.  Note, the phishers always offer well above your listed price for the product.  Remember, if it seems too good to be true, it usually is.  Below is one of […]

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Online Dating: Balls

Posted by Princess MoMo on Aug 21 in Facebook, Online dating

MoMo is no stranger to online dating.  She’s been on/off the circuit since she was 17, when online dating was new and taboo.  Below is a message exchange between her and a guy she met back in the day.  The two periodically catch up with one another.  Of course, they’re facebook friends.  MoMo shared a […]

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The Trolls of Craigslist

Posted by Princess MoMo on Aug 20 in Epic fails, Men, Online dating

  Have you ever wondered who replies to craigslist personals?  Apparently, a lot of people do.  I posted an ad under the women seeking men section on Friday night around 10:15 p.m. for entertainment purposes.  (I’ve posted on there in the past, so I was prepared for the influx of messages I was about to […]

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MoMo the MiscreANT

Posted by Princess MoMo on Aug 18 in Adventures of Princess MoMo, Nature, Princess MoMo Speak

Last time there was an ant roaming around on MoMo's office desk, her conscience stopped her from killing it.  But that little fucker (the ant, not her conscience), decided to reappear today.  This time, MoMo overcame any internal moral opposition to ant assassination.  Because these desk ants move at a very high rate of speed, […]

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Online dating message exchange and date dissection (8/11/11)

Posted by Princess MoMo on Aug 17 in Dating, Men, Online dating

  Princess MoMo: Wow, I can’t believe your profile is longer than mine!!! You should refine your grammar quiz though. Check out my version for ideas. [I reprinted the text of his profile at the end of this post.]  Specimen: thanks…. I think. I can be a bit pedantic at times :-) I got a laugh […]

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Online Dating: Saltyballs

Posted by Princess MoMo on Aug 16 in Men, Online dating

Saltyballs Specimen: Lol You are ridiculous! We are going to get arrested!!! We have to be friends… I am crazy. What are your thoughts? -me   Princess MoMo: Why do you think I'm ridiculous?   Saltyballs Specimen: Haha! Your profile just tells me how crazy u are!! Ur sarcasm! My sarcasm gets me in trouble… […]

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Online Dating: MoMo and Match

Posted by Princess MoMo on Aug 15 in Men, Online dating, Princess MoMo's Dating Website Profile

I recently joined on a week trial basis.  I decided that I wouldn’t put up my usual sarcasm laden profile.  So I started out with my bit about “Me, Inc.”  However, less than 24 hours later, I had to add some MoMo-ism in the mix.  Below is the content of my temporary Match profile […]

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